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    The Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Expanded Cage by Ware Manufacturing is the second best hamster cage on the market. This hamster cage offers an expanded cage concept that has plenty of room for your hamster to roam safely. The dimensions are estimated to be 16 inches x 9.5 inches x 22.5 inches, and it has two complete levels. Since the cage has numerous portal holes, it is totally expandable to whatever level you desire for your hamster. This hamster cage is also constructed with smooth wire and plastic and is very colorful. The bottom level has a high side to it so that the litter will stay in the cage and not everywhere out of it. With the construction being both wires and plastic, this allows proper ventilation for your pet. It is also very easy to clean with soap and water.

    This hamster cage comes with full instructions and photos and is very easy to put together and assemble. The unit comes complete with water bottle, food bowl, exercise wheel and cage top carrier/transporter. This hamster cage is capable of connecting to other systems like it, for example, Habitrail and Super Pet tubes, wall units and levels. The only problem I saw was that the top sleeping compartment at the very top of the cage does not attach to the cage in any way. There is a possibility that a hamster could escape that way. There is no way that you can carry the cage from the top. You have to put your hands on both sides of the cage and move it that way. However, this might be on purpose so that the cage does not accidentally come apart when carrying it. All in all, I believe this is a very highly crafted and well designed hamster cage.Rating: 4.75/5

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