Warrior Revo 3 Lacrosse Head

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Expert Review

One of the best defensive heads on the market right now, Warrior delivers the revamped the Revo 3 with enough stiffness, strength and catching area to evenly enhance your game. Anyone who's used a Revo in the past knows their value, but with this latest version, Warrior focuses on the sidewall construction for improved transition throughout the length of the head translating to better ball control. Triple beam construction has also given the head multiple reinforcement points to make it even stiffer than previous models in this series.

The catching area on the Revo 3 has been slightly widened to allow more room to intercept passes while retaining enough pinch to keep the ball in pocket through oncoming traffic. There’s also a grip zone placed along the top rail placed exclusively for checks to maintain extended opponent contact so every poke and check gets maximum results.Rating: 4.5/5

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