Warwick RB Star Bass

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As a brand, Warwick has built its reputation by creating high-end bass guitars favored by some of the premier bassists in music. Their RockBass subdivision offers the same care and quality afforded to their main line, but at a more welcoming price bracket, and so with their RockBass Star. Players now have a chance to get their hands on a hollowbody instrument without hollowing out their bank accounts.

An all-maple curved body gives this axe its warm and resonant tone while the neck is also made from maple, and holds extra high jumbo frets that will give you the room to play and feel comfortable all over the instrument. After all, if you’re picking up a Warwick, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to be pulling off some impressive bass playing and not just sticking with simple root note techniques.

The electronics in the Warwick RB Star are passive vintage MEC single-coil pickups located in the neck and bridge position. Alternate between a warmly huge sound or a smoother, more low-key approach, or find the option that’s right for you anywhere in between using a 3-way toggle pickup switch and volume/tone knobs for each pickup configuration. The RB Star is available as a fretted or fretless instrument; the former features a smooth rosewood fingerboard, while the latter’s is built from Tigerstripe ebony to allow for more fluid, seamless playing styles.Rating: 4.75/5

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