Warwick Thumb NT6 6-String Bass Guitar

Expert Review

Warwick represents the perfect hybrid of old world craftsmanship and modern, present-day technology; if you need any further proof, just check out their Thumb NT-6 string bass guitar. With a body made from bubinga pommele and a natural oil finish, this instrument already has a jaw-dropping aesthetic. But the way that this axe is built is even more exciting than its looks. Warwick’s invisible fret technology installation (which it uses for all of its basses) provides all 26 frets with extra stability, which allows you to play with ease.

The 3D 2-piece bridge system has been crafted from solid brass, which is an incredible tone transfer alloy; while many other bridges will color or slightly tweak an instrument’s natural sound, this one does not. The adjustable nut system allows you to raise and lower the string height of the Thumb NT-6 for easy setup adjustments. The electronics of this 6-string (two J-style pickups) give this bass a wide range of sounds, from low end punch to smoother more balanced tone.Rating: 5/5

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