Warwick Thumb NT6 6-String Bass Guitar

Expert Review

The Warwick Thumb NT-6’s body is made from bubinga pommele and has a natural oil finish, which immediately makes it look majestically natural and pristine. The care and attention that Warwick brings to all of its axes marries an old world craftsmanship with more modern technological implementation. The best example of this can be found on the neck/fretboard of this 6-string bass guitar. Warwick utilizes an invisible fret installation technology to give all 26 frets added stability and room to play on, with precision that is unparalleled. The neck is also adorned with fluorescent inlays on the side, allowing you to know where you’re going on your musical journey even when playing in dark settings onstage or in the studio.

A dual J-style pickup electronic system gives you a full menu of tones to choose from, whether you’re looking for low-end punch or a smoother, more balanced sound. The solid brass 3D 2-piece bridge system on the Warwick Thumb NT-6 provides a faithful tonal transfer without changing or coloring the tone and vibration like so many other bridges do. Meanwhile, this 6-string’s adjustable nut system allows players to quickly and easily raise and lower the string height on this axe for simplified setups.Rating: 4.25/5

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