WD Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1 TB Internal Hard Drive

Expert Review

High capacity laptop drives are few and far between, and getting past 750GB can be a challenge for most portable PCs. Still, Western Digital's Scorpio Blue series looks to meet the challenge and offer high capacity laptop drives in the 2.5-inch form factor. While it does only have a 5400RPM drive, and SATA 3Gbps connectivity, the Scorpio Blue 1TB drive makes up for speed with an impressive 1TB capacity and excellent price. marketed as a drive for "daily computing," this drive is designed with the average user in mind, but one that really needs all the space they can get. The 2-year warranty is modest, and at least ensures you won't have any short-term concerns with your laptop drive. For these reasons the Scorpio Blue is a fairly good drive to have on your laptop and a reliable choice in the 2.5-inch department.Rating: 4/5