Wenonah Argosy River Canoe

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Expert Review

For over 42 years, Wenonah has been hand-crafting canoes which are well known for their superior quality and the Argosy River Canoe by Wenonah is no exception. The Argosy is a supremely maneuverable solo canoe built to handle even the roughest waters with ease. This canoe has a deep bow rocker, with 2 inches, and a 1 inch stern rocker that gives the Argosy the ability to negotiate tight turns, swift currents and eddies.

Whether you choose the affordable Royalex layup or the Kevlar Ultralight, you’re getting a high quality canoe built to last. Predictable in its turns and exceptionally stable, the Argosy is great canoe for intermediate paddlers looking to take their river running to the next level.Rating: 5/5

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