Wenonah Encounter Expedition Canoe

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Expert Review

The Encounter by Wenonah Canoes is an excellent expedition canoe for an intermediate to advance solo paddler. The Voyager has a minimal rocker and tracks well on the smooth waters of any lake or slow moving river. At 17 feet in length, this expedition canoe can carry enough gear for weeks of paddling. A deep bow of 19 inches keeps the inside of the canoe - and all of your gear - dry while paddling.

The Encounter has a single, sliding centerline bucket seat which makes it a breeze to paddle for long periods of time while adjustable foot brackets offer customized leverage and comfort. Wenonah offers the Encounter in four different materials which vary in weight and price. Depending on your level of experience and budget, there are options ranging from the fiberglass composite weighing only 54 pounds to the ultra light Kevlar coming in at a mere 38 pounds.Rating: 4.25/5

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