Whirlpool 80-Gallon Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

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Expert Review

The Whirlpool brand is a well-known brand and if you should ever need parts and service, they will be close at hand. Even the 80-gallon size is considered efficient enough to earn an Energy-Factor rating of 2.4. It is believed to cost less than half of more traditional electric hot water heaters. Studies have shown that while the traditional models will cost an average of $540 per year, this one costs only $201, qualifying it for a tax rebate good through December 2013. The high performance insulation will allow it to store heat energy more efficiently, and the touch screen control center will give you four setting options of efficiency, hybrid mode, electric mode and vacation mode. The touch screen display is also tamper proof, so nobody but those with the password can get in and alter any settings. Their warranty is one of the best in the industry, with a Maintenance Free Powered Anode Rod that protects the tank for the life of the water heater.Rating: 5/5