Whirlpool WTW5000DW Top Load Washing Machine

Expert Review

If your old washing machine unexpectedly gave out and you're in the market for an affordable replacement, we would recommend prioritizing performance over features. Whirlpool's WTW5000DW is one of the best examples of a budget-friendly top loading washing machine without resorting to an agitator-equipped model. Outwardly, the WTW5000DW looks plain and unassuming; the unadorned cabinet is topped by a row of more traditional-looking dials on the control panel. There are 12 different wash modes available, including a quick wash cycle that takes less than half an hour to wash a moderate load. The impeller mechanism frees up space in the wash basket, and the 4.3 cubic foot capacity provides enough room for bulky items like blankets and comforters. There are a few sacrifices in exchange for the lower price, none of which impact washing performance. The most obvious one is the lack of Energy Star certification, which is somewhat surprising for a high efficiency machine. Additionally, the feature list on the WTW5000DW is rather short, limited to the aforementioned quick wash cycle as well as a pre-soak option for heavily soiled clothing. The old-school looks and strict emphasis on washing performance allow for an impressively affordable price tag; this machine can be found on sale regularly and can be brought home for well under its $749 MSRP.

The matching dryer for the Whirlpool WTW5000DW is the WED5000DW (electric) or the WGD5000DW (gas).Rating: 5/5

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