Whirlpool WTW8000DW Top Load Washing Machine

Expert Review

As one of the biggest names in home appliances (if not the biggest), it should come as no surprise to find that Whirlpool offers one of the best all-around top-loading washing machines on the market today. The WTW8000DW sits squarely in the middle of Whirlpool's lineup, and it's the one we'd recommend as the best top loading washing machine if that's specifically what you're in the market for.

The external appearance is a modernized take on Whirlpool's tried and true cabinet design, with pushbuttons and a circular LCD screen taking the place of the dials found on older generation models. The tinted glass lid adds a modern touch to the overall design, and has a practical benefit in that it allows users to observe into the machine during the wash cycle. The lid is also equipped with a soft close mechanism, avoiding the irritating metallic slam that owners of older top-load units are all too familiar with.

Between the cavernous stainless steel drum and impeller design, the WTW8000DW offers 5.3 cubic feet of capacity - enough to handle a weeks' worth of dirty clothes from the entire family. There are over two dozen wash cycles offered, and Whirlpool goes one step further by separating out "What To Wash" and "How To Wash" controls that make it nearly impossible to select the wrong cycle. While the WTW8000DW isn't equipped with the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity or Smart Home compatibility, the control panel and wash cycles are carefully thought out for real-world convenience and everyday usability.

Although top-loading washing machines tend to cost less than their front-loading counterparts, the WTW8000DW carries a comparable price tag in exchange for its superior washing performance. At $900, it's not what we'd refer to as affordable, but it's certainly reasonably priced. Whirlpool appliances are widely available, so you should have no trouble locating this machine either online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Paired with Whirlpool's excellent reputation for reliability and durability, the WTW8000DW a great choice for anyone shopping for a top-loading washing machine.

The matching dryer for the Whirlpool WTW8000DW is the WED8000DW (electric) or the WGD8000DW (gas).Rating: 5/5

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