WiConnect 10 Inch Wireless Subwoofer

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Expert Review

Velodyne’s entry into the world of wireless is a good one, good enough to offer an alternative to the ES150PW for those with a slightly different listening style. While it’s bass is not quite as deep and impactful as the wireless variant of the ES150, it does have noticeably better control in the upper/mid-bass regions: notes above 80hz have less boom to them, and while it is a smidge slower than the JBL, the WIC10 is generally tamer and never sounds bloated or boomy. This is great for those who don’t like the big, bold sound of the JBL, or just don’t want quite as much perceived bass in general. It does give out around 33hz, and starts to lose steam at 40; this means that lovers of the big booms of explosions or deep kick drum hits will probably prefer the JBL, and indeed I think the ES150PW is generally a better solution for home theater, but I know quite a few audiophiles who prefer a tamer, softer bass presentation, and plenty of folks who live in apartments with neighbors who will bang on the walls or ceiling or floor if things get too loud; each of these will likely make better use of the Velodyne than the JBL in the long run.

The WIC10’s 10-inch downward firing unit is cabined in black ash and has a fairly distinguished feel to it. Velodyne’s usual solid build quality is notable here, with the fit and finish one would expect from any $400 subwoofer. The WIC10 isn’t an amazing bargain, and wired subs at its price range are generally more technically capable, but if ease of use and a slightly more restrained bass presentation are your top two requirements, by all means, the WiConnect 10 is a solid solution.Rating: 4.75/5

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