Wolftone P90 Meaner Guitar Pickup

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Expert Review

Wolftone is fairly clear in what they’re promising with their line of P90 pickups absolute raunch and grit. This series keeps in line with their rabid canine theme appropriately titled Mean, Meaner, and Meanest". The Meaner model splits the difference between the two, providing a hot vintage output at around 9k, coupled with Alnico 2 magnets to offer a snarl that will have your guitar howling at the moon late at night. Available in soap bar, dog ear, and batwing models, this pickup can easily fit the logistical and stylistic setup of any guitar you choose to pair it with. If you’re looking to get your midrange boosted and your tone toughened up all for a very reasonable price, Wolftone is the way to go.Rating: 4.25/5

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