Nokian WRG3 All Season Tires

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Expert Review

Finland-based Nokian isn’t well-known in North America, but they’re the manufacturers of some of the best winter tires for the harshest conditions in the world. This company makes the WRG3, which is ostensibly the closest you can come to a real all-weather tire. That's right, the Nokian WRG3 is technically an all-season tire, but they perform better than many dedicated winter tires on the market.

Although these tires won’t deliver the same sort of summer driving performance as dedicated summer tires, they offer a surprising level of high-speed handling and very little of the tread squirm associated with winter tires. The WRG3 tires offer good overall amount of grip in winter conditions as the ride is firm but smooth, and road noise is reasonably low. While these tires won't win any awards for objective performance, they do offer excellent all-around traction and handling with enough of a winter bias to make them suitable for year-round use.Rating: 4/5

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