Wuhan 14" China Style Cymbal

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Expert Review

Wuhan cymbals are the best China cymbals available because of their great sound and affordability. These cymbals are fairly thin with a great combination of the "China" and "Trash" sounds. The finish isn’t quite brilliant but definitely has a bit more shine than a traditional finish. These cymbals have the classic china design with the inverted bell and up-turned edge while the 14 inch size is small enough for quick accents, large enough to preserve the China sound, and also the best options for a beginner looking to add a new cymbal to their set-up. Wuhan China cymbals are also very durable; I have a Wuhan in my set-up with a crack in it from my antics as a high school drummer playing in a metal band, yet even with the crack, it still sounds great.

Wuhans are also great cymbals to perform experiments on as they retain a great sound through just about any modification. I’ve drilled holes and added rivets sizzlers to some of my Wuhans and the resulting sounds is always interesting. This unique-sounding cymbal is extremely affordable and I would recommend buying two in different sizes if you have the opportunity such as the 16 inch and larger sizes.Rating: 4.75/5

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