XFX Video Card Graphics Cards R9-FURY-4TF9

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    Expert Review

    This 3D graphics card is really ideal if you prefer AMD to NVIDIA, as it offers tremendous performance and full HD3D support. It has 4GB of High Bandwidth Memory or HBM, which is designed to offer much higher bandwidth than GDDR5, giving you faster performance. The GPU clock speed on this card is 1000MHz, which is great when you consider the bandwidth offered by the video RAM. It can run up to six monitors at once, though you will probably need a hub connection, and has full support for HD3D and AMD Eyefinity technology. This card offers support for HD 4K displays, and it has the power to handle the latest PC games and HD media even at ultra-high resolutions. XFX’s triple dissipation design places three fans on the card, for excellent heat control, though it releases the heat into your computer case (rather than venting it out) which makes it less than ideal for a CrossFire setup.Rating: 4.75/5