XOTIC PC Scourge v2 Stage 4 Desktop Computer

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Expert Review

While Origin is hard to beat for customization and customer service, XOTIC PC certainly gives them some great competition. You get a ton of options for every single component in your computer and you can talk to someone at Origin to request specific components they don't normally offer. While these changes certainly impact the price of your computer, it's hard to argue with that level of customization and freedom in your computer build.

The default setup on this system, however, is pretty impressive and includes custom liquid-cooling with acrylic and copper tubing. It has an Intel i7 six-core CPU and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN EVGA Black Edition 6GB video cards. You can add a third or fourth card, or change to more powerful graphics cards if you need even better performance, but the default build should be sufficient for most PC gamers.

This computer also has 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which you can upgrade to 64GB, and both a 1TB hard drive and 250GB solid state drive for storage. It comes with a Blu-ray player and DVD burner, plus there are a ton of options for chassis customization such as the paint job and lighting options for both inside and outside of the case.Rating: 4.75/5

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