Yamaha Absolute Maple Drum Set

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Expert Review

Yamaha’s Maple drums are legendary for producing an amazing sound and have an unmatched dynamic range. Very responsive to musicality and dynamic playing, these drums are designed for drummers really looking push their kit to the limits. The shells are made of Maple and Wenge woods to create a very pure tone while the toms are mounted using Yamaha’s YESS mounting system which allows the drums to sing without obstruction.

Yamaha has paid a lot of attention to detail when designing these drums and their wonderful sound reflects that. The die cast hoops are made of aluminum which is lighter than most hoops which allows the drum to ring more. The lugs are attached to the shell with only one bolt, and this helps contribute to a more lively sound and as with all high-end drum sets, there are many different sizes and colors available to choose from.Rating: 4.5/5

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