Yamaha LS9-32

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Expert Review

With 64 channels and 32 mic/line inputs, it’s hard to believe that the Yamaha LS9-32 mixer weighs just under 43 lbs. Fret not, that’s no misprint after years of experience in making intuitive mixers, the folks at Yamaha have created something that not only is compact and ideal for working in small places, but also is designed in a layout that is easy to navigate. The mixer’s multifunction faders do more than just their primary purpose; they can be customized into fader layers to show only specific groups within the mix, and can also dial in 16 graphic EQs contained within the unit. Because live effects can always help to improve overall sound, the LS9-32 also comes equipped with a deep Virtual Rack stocked with EQs and multi-effects processors; these allow engineers to access preset effects such as modulators, delays, and reverbs.Rating: 4.75/5

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