Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute MAS1460 Snare Drum

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Expert Review

Yamaha’s Maple Custom drums have always been a favorite of mine for Jazz playing because they’re very warm and intimate. Their drums just seem to have more character than other brands and the Maple Custom Absolute snare drum is no exception. The drum has a Maple shell with an unusual depth of six inches which splits the difference perfectly between too deep and too shallow; the drum is deep enough to have full body without too much boom. Yamaha throw-offs are very easy to switch on and off and this is often done throughout the course of a Jazz set. I prefer the MAS1460 model because of the absolute lug system for tuning but hook lugs are also available. These drums are also available in matching colors to the full drum set, good news for drummers who want a fully matching kit. This drum is very responsive and has warmth that is unmatched.Rating: 4.75/5

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