Yamaha PHX High End Drum Set

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Expert Review

It seems like every so often Yamaha comes out with a drum set that quickly becomes the standard for professionals to use; this time it’s their top of the line PHX drum set. It features one of the most innovative shell designs I’ve ever worked with as the 11-ply shells use different woods that sound better for their respective parts of the shell. Yamaha have researched which woods sound the best for each layer of the shell and have engineered them accordingly. The shells are made from maple, jatoba, ash, and some mahogany wood. Each wood has a specific purpose and combines with the others to create the best sound.

The kits bearing edges are cut differently from drum to drum to specifically enhance the sound of that drum. The hardware is actually an advanced version of Yamaha’s YESS system which allows the drums to speak freely. They also hold the drum in place with as little contact as possible to eliminate any kind of buzz. As with all high-end drum sets, this kit is available in many different sizes and colors available.Rating: 4.75/5

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