Yamaha TRBX305 PWT 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

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Expert Review

Most budget instruments are typically positioned to be a great option for beginners, but Yamaha has kicked things up a few notches with their TRBX305. This is really a 5-string bass guitar that could easily find a coveted space in an intermediate bassist’s life, but it’s still available at a very affordable and welcoming price. Because it’s an active bass guitar, you’ll have more tonal control when manipulating the settings between two soap bar-style humbucking pickups. A 2-band EQ and pickup switch allows you to meticulously craft your tone and even blend the separate signals.

What’s truly remarkable about this bass guitar is the Performance EQ, which is a 5-way switch that allows you to quickly hop between EQ pre-sets optimized and intuitively set up for different playing styles (such as pick, slap technique, and fingers) which allows you to quickly demo sounds on the fly. The 5-piece maple/mahogany neck allows you to move fast in a different way making for all comfort and no limitations, so you’ll be zipping around on the frets in no time.Rating: 4/5

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