Yamaha YAS 82ZII Custom Z Professional Alto Saxophone

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    The YAS-82ZII is Yamahas top alto saxophone model. The bell of the horn is constructed in a single piece for better response in the low register and increasing overall tone color variety. Equipped with domed metal resonators, this allows for clearer articulation and volume flexibility in all registers of the saxophone. Another feature for dynamic, or volume, control is the wide bore taper of the saxophone neck for free blowing expression. Mechanisms in the table keys are designed to ensure keys seal properly for the best response in the lower register. The front F-key, used for notes near the top of the saxophone's range, is adjustable to make producing the highest notes easiest for each individual player. The YAS-82ZII is also available in an unlacquered finish to allow the brass to vibrate freely for more projection, black lacquer for a darker tone and silver plating for a brighter sound.Rating: 4.75/5

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