Yanigisawa B-991 Professional Baritone Saxophone

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Expert Review

Yanagisawa designed the B-991 baritone saxophone for a centered tone and consistent intonation throughout the range of the instrument at every volume level. Improvement to the key mechanics allow for reliable and durable key action. The low register table keys rock in two directions to make large low note keys easier to play faster. An F-auxiliary mechanism ensures that the larger keys in the low register also seal completely to avoid leaks. Pointed pivot screws assist in accuracy and precision of key opening and closing against the saxophone. Key cups are equipped with double-braced arms for more consistent key action, as well as stability and durability, which is especially important on larger saxophones. The Yanagisawa B-991 is built with a three-point brace to hold the bell in the proper position with the saxophone body for a durable and great sounding baritone saxophone.Rating: 4.5/5