Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue

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Expert Review

If you are looking for innovation and fun when making your next batch of ice cream, the Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball is a novel and effective way for making ice cream. Load up one half of the mixing ball with salt and ice then fill the other with your favorite ice cream ingredients. Fasten down the hatch and roll the ball around which mixes and hardens the ingredients. After about 20 minutes you'll have a pint of cold, delicious ice cream. Rinse to clean, fill it up, and you’re ready to do it all over again. With this ice cream ball you can make your favorite frozen treat virtually anywhere, from home, at the park and even camping. It's the most innovative and versatile ice cream maker on this list hands down and a favorite of kids everywhere. Rating: 4.25/5

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