YOLO 2015 Coastal Cruiser 12' SUP

Expert Review

The YOLO 2015 Coastal Cruiser 12' SUP is a classic hybrid paddleboard. With rounded tip and tail, this 12 foot paddle board offers the stability any first time paddler will appreciate. This board is extra buoyant, with a capacity of almost 237 liters, making it extremely stable and capable of carrying a lot of gear. The excursion capabilities don’t stop there.

With a few upgrades like a bungee system and convenient stowage for fishing gear, you can be ready to cast a line at your favorite fishing hole in no time. Whether you’re interested in weekend tripping, light surfing or flat water paddling, the YOLO 2015 Coastal Cruiser SUP is a great hybrid paddle board that can help you do it all.Rating: 4.25/5

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