Zildjian "A" Custom 18" Medium Crash Cymbal

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    Zildjian makes some of the best sounding cymbals in the world, and they are probably the most popular. Their traditional line is called an "A" cymbal which are different than "A custom" cymbals, as they are made different from a different combination of metal (often sounding brighter), usually made with a "brilliant" finish, and the "A" line cymbals are a little darker. While both of these cymbals sound great, but they sound very different.

    The "A" Zildjian Medium Crash can be used in any genre of music as it’s not too bright and not too dark, producing the perfect crash cymbal sound which doesn’t limit you to a particular style of music. My Medium Crash has been with me on every gig that I have ever played. I used to use Zildjian Thin, but that stopped when I recorded for the first time and discovered that the Medium sound a little better. They have more weight and are a little less splashy than Thin Crashes. I prefer the 18 inch size because it sounds the best, and has a lot more depth.

    This cymbal has a medium pitch that can sound high when recorded and a long sustain which gives it a big sound. It has a traditional finish that helps it blend with other cymbals and compliments them well. This medium weight cymbal is very durable which follows the reputation of Zildjian's other cymbals used by many professionals. This cymbal is available in several sizes, but I prefer the 18 inch size because it has the best sound. The 16 inch size is also exceptional but has a slightly different sound that’s not as full.Rating: 4.75/5

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