Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

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    Zildjian’s K Custom Hybrid Cymbal set is one of the most effectively unique cymbal sets available. Zildjian is one of the biggest and greatest cymbal makers in the world, and their K Custom line is one of their best. These cymbals were designed with the help of drumming legend Akira Jimbo, and they truly reflect his unique style and tone.

    This set includes a 17-inch K custom hybrid crash, 21-inch K Custom hybrid ride, and 14-inch K Custom hybrid hi hats. The hybrid name is in reference to the surface and finish; the inner half of the cymbals is un-lathed and brilliantly finished while the outer half is lathed with a traditional finish. These Hybrid cymbals are a bit brighter than regular K Custom cymbals and more splashy sounding; they’re described by Zildjian as offering an audibly pleasing combination of brightness and darkness.

    The hi hats are very crisp, the crash cymbal blends well with almost any band, and the articulate ride cymbal sounds great for rock or jazz. In fact, all of these cymbals are very versatile and will sound great when utilized across multiple genres. They also look very professional because the brilliant half provides a perfect amount of flash for any setup. This set is a little more expensive than other packs, but is still a great value when considering you’re getting Zildjian’s legendary K Custom cymbals.Rating: 4.75/5

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