Zildjian New Beat Hi Hat Cymbals

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    Zildjian’s New Beat Hi-Hats are probably the most popular hi-hats on the market thanks to their great sound which can be applied to a variety of different musical genres. They are part of the "A Zildjian series" and it’s important to note this is different than the brighter "A Custom" series. They generally have a lower pitch than other cymbals and are medium to heavy in weight. They’re also not as bright as other cymbals, and therefore they blend better and lock in the sound of when you’re playing. I mainly use my New Beats for rock music, but I’ve also used them for lighter styles of music; I think they have an edge that is even appropriate for metal. New Beat hats have a traditional finish which isn’t as shiny as a brilliant finish, often sounding drier as a result.Rating: 4.75/5

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