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About Us

Bestcovery’s Philosophy

Bestcovery is a trusted source that helps you quickly find the best of everything. Our experts are chosen via a rigorous screening process whereby we evaluate the depth of their knowledge, experience, and expertise in a particular niche. Qualified experts succinctly recommend the best products and services for your needs based on extensive research and hands-on experience.

We pride ourselves on the trustworthiness of our content, requiring complete objectivity from our experts. We review each recommendation to maximize your satisfaction with the information you get from Bestcovery. Bestcovery experts are prohibited from receiving any kickbacks or fees for any product recommendations and must disclose any advertising relationships with respect to their recommendations. This helps to ensure the accuracy, quality, and integrity of any recommendation found on Bestcovery.com.

Bestcovery’s Recommendation Process

  1. Bestcovery recruits, interviews and vets prospective experts to ensure their qualifications and expertise in a particular niche. Qualified experts are approved to write articles in specific categories that are consistent with their areas of expertise.
  2. Bestcovery’s experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Experts are required to abide by Bestcovery’s writing and ethical guidelines.
  3. Submitted expert articles undergo thorough internal review conducted by multiple members of the Bestcovery editorial team to ensure compliance with our quality guidelines.
  4. After receiving final approval from the editorial team, the article is published on Bestcovery.com.

If you feel you have a strong expertise in a particular niche and are interested in writing for Bestcovery, please read more and apply here.

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We value your opinion and want to hear from you. Did you find our site helpful? If so, what did you like most? If not, what would you like to see next time you visit? Send us your ideas for "best" topics, recommend categories, apply to become an expert, or recommend someone who should be.

Send your comments and questions to info@bestcovery.com, or find more specific contacts in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Bestcovery?

Bestcovery (Best + Discovery) is the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to find the best of everything. Bestcovery eliminates the guesswork in choosing the right product or service, saves you time, and is free to use. We help you discover the best products and services for a wide range of categories all at one convenient site. Our trusted experts and methods cut through the clutter to identify the best products and services for your particular needs, so you don't have to spend long hours of research.

Other sites rate products. Why is Bestcovery different?

Other sites make it difficult and time-consuming to learn which products and services are best. They often force you to plod through dozens of reviews and articles, many of which present conflicting or outdated recommendations. They cover limited numbers of choices. And a lot of these other sites can't or won't pick best products or services because they have insufficient expertise or don't want to offend advertisers. We're different:

  1. Bestcovery is specific. We identify the best products and services for your particular needs and understand that one size doesn't fit all - a product may be the best for one person or application but not for another.
  2. Bestcovery is fast and easy. We respect your time and make it incredibly simple to find the best products or services for you.
  3. Bestcovery is authoritative. We determine the best way to identify the best products and services whether it is through use of our knowledgeable experts or crowd sourcing and technology (each of these are explained in detail below). We screen and select our experts to make sure they are among the most knowledgeable, experienced, hands-on gurus in their respective fields.
  4. Bestcovery is impartial. We're not swayed by advertisers, and our best picks truly represent the top choice in each category.
  5. Bestcovery is timely. We stay current with all new products and services in our many categories, and continuously check to see if there's a new best pick that's better than our current selection.
  6. Bestcovery is comprehensive. Our goal is to help you find the best of everything in every product and service category.
  7. Bestcovery is accurate. We have rigorous standards for our experts, and use proprietary systems to be sure that our best pick really is the best.

Best is subjective - how does Bestcovery determine the best?

Deciding the best is indeed subjective. But for technology products and services and certain fast changing categories, the best people qualified to pick the best are top experts with deep, current, hands-on, comprehensive knowledge of their categories. We combine the recommendations of top experts along with our analytical systems to pick the best products and services for your specific applications. We don't use published consumer reviews or aggregates of reviews to determine the best, since these can be dated or biased or incomplete. While we do believe these criteria have some limited value (and we provide them as additional data points for some products) they usually don't address the fundamental suitability of products and services for specific needs, and often aren't current or comprehensive enough for you to use to make a decision.

What are the methods you use to determine the best?

Our recommendations accurately represent the best in the marketplace whether you go with the winning selection or a runner-up. Additionally, our selections are unbiased and never influenced by advertisers, gifts, freebies, or payments of any kind. Different products and services require different methods for determining the best. Here’s how we do it:

  • Experts

Think of Bestcovery's experts as the trusted friend you turn to for buying advice. Our expert community is made up of devoted industry veterans, avid enthusiasts, and consumer advocates who have proven their knowledge in recommending the best. They know the strengths and weaknesses of the contenders, understand which qualities matter the most, and through a combination of research and hands-on experience can pick the best for many desired applications. You will find expert selections throughout the site in many fast changing and technical categories.

  • Crowdsourcing and Technology

We've built sophisticated technology to gather and analyze vast amounts of user reviews and rankings, and then provide accurate and unbiased recommendations based on the collective experiences of millions of people. We've found this to be the most accurate way to determine the best in less technical areas like hotels, books, and some consumer goods. To ensure a consistent experience across the whole website, we take this information and present it in a format similar to the expert recommendations.

What are the runner-ups?

Sometimes the best overall pick is just not right for you - it's not your preferred design, brand, color, etc., or it lacks a special feature that you need, or is simply not available to you. In some cases the best pick is a close decision among a few top contenders. For this reason we report runner-ups when then decision is close, or to give you additional choices if you need them.

What is popularity?

When solid analytical data is available in certain areas we provide a popularity ranking that lists products or services based on how popular they are with shopping consumers. You can access this information by clicking on 'See Popular Items' when you see the best pick and the runner-ups for a category.

Who are the people behind Bestcovery?

Bestcovery was started by a team of talented developers with a record of hugely popular sites, along with a group of award-winning top-level magazine editors and laboratory testers who are expert in analyzing, rating, and ranking products. Our experts and technology make Bestcovery unique. We identify, vet and select experts who know all the ins and outs of the areas they cover. And we validate choices with our analytical systems to identify the very best products and services for you, and take out the out the guesswork out of your selection process.

Who are the Bestcovery experts?

Because of their deep and passionate familiarity with their areas, Bestcovery experts are among the most knowledgeable, highly-regarded gurus in their categories. They have timely, hands-on experience with all the products and services they cover, know all the specs, abilities, and weaknesses of the contenders, understand what's important to look for and what's not, and can pick the best one with confidence, accuracy, and the highest degree of reliability.

How can I become a Bestcovery expert?

If you’re passionate and incredibly well-informed about a particular category, stay up to date on the latest products and trends, have considerable hands-on experience, know all the leading contenders and what clearly makes one better than all the others, and have the highest standards of integrity and a strong desire to help and guide consumers, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to start the process.

How do I know Bestcovery's picks are impartial and correct?

Reputation is critical. Our mission is to let you know which products and services are best for your needs in a vast range of categories. We want to earn your trust so you're happy with every decision you make based on Bestcovery picks, and come back for more. Our experts abide by a strict code of ethics that prevents any potential conflicts or untoward influences. We're not swayed by advertising, and we don't accept payments from anyone to affect our choices. Our experts call it the way they see it, based on extensive hands-on experience and deep knowledge of their category. When using crowd sourcing, we use only the best sources of opinions and a large sample of data to ensure the results are impartial and accurate.

How are your best picks updated?

We require that our experts continually review their categories, checking for changes, new products or services, new technologies, new features, or any other factors that would tip the balance and result in a new top pick in their category. With some popular, fast-moving categories, the best product or service can change frequently and fast. We constantly monitor every critical category with this in mind and make sure that our top pick is not only the best one but is also absolutely current. Where crowd sourcing and technology are used, our selections are automatically updated to ensure they represent the latest and most accurate preferences of people.

I disagree with one of your Bestcovery best picks. How can I tell you what's better and why?

While we're careful to find the best experts in every category, and make sure they do everything required to make the most accurate, timely selections, not everyone will always agree with their picks. If you disagree with one of our best picks, we would love to hear what you think is better and why. Our only goal is to pick the best product or service in every important category, and if there is a new contender that we should know about, or information about any product or service that you think would affect our Bestcovery best pick, please let us know by clicking here.

Do you sell the products and services that you cover?

Absolutely not. Our only mission is to provide timely, accurate information about the best product or service in every important category. We don't sell any of the products or services mentioned on our site. We simply tell you which ones our experts consider to be the best. When available we do let you know where you can buy them and what the prices are, or provide additional marketplace information. In some cases we earn a fee if you visit or purchase through one of the links on our site.

My company produces a product or service that you included as a best pick. May I advertise this?

Yes, you may advertise this, so long as you agree to and abide by our Terms of Use, Bestcovery Trademark Terms of Use (BTTOU), the Bestcovery Widget's Terms of Use (BWTOU). and strictly follow all of our guidelines.

I am selling or writing about something that was selected as a Bestcovery Top Pick. May I highlight this on another site or in print?

Yes, we're happy to have you include this information on other sites or in publications (you may also use the Bestcovery Best award if you'd like) so long as you agree to and abide by all our terms and conditions and strictly follow all of our guidelines. To find out more click here.

What is the 'Manufacturer Description'?

Manufacturer description is usually marketing text that may have been developed by the manufacturer of the product, a marketing person or similar entities.

I'm having a problem with a product or service I purchased that was listed as a Bestcovery best pick. Can you help me?

We want every Bestcovery user to be happy with our site. Our Bestcovery picks consider customer satisfaction along with many other factors, and the best products are generally the ones with few, if any, problems. We don't sell any of the products or services that we mention. If you do have an issue with a product or service, it's best to contact the vendor who sold it, or the manufacturer or service provider. We also encourage you to share your experiences with other consumers by going to the reviews section for the appropriate product.

What should I do if I find something wrong or inappropriate on Bestcovery.com?

We want to make sure all the content on our site is both appropriate and accurate. If you find anything on our site that doesn't adhere to our Terms of Use or strict quality standards we want to hear about it - please report it to info@bestcovery.com.

This FAQ is for general informational purposes only. It does not replace or amend the Terms of Use nor Privacy Policy for the site, both of which govern over the use of the site and how the site works. We encourage you to read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy carefully.