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Best Ankle Brace

Ankle braces have all kinds of uses in both sport and everyday life such as physical rehabilitation, compression when recovering from injury, and preventative safeguard. There are hundreds of types of ankle braces out there designed for specific reasons from sports to daily use. The braces on this list were chosen as the best in class because of their popularity among athletes and everyday users, great design providing excellent stability and protection, and high end materials for long lasting comfort during extended periods of use.

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

The Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis (ASO) Ankle Brace is the Rolls Royce of ankle braces because of its durability and support. Unlike other brands which create a whole stable of braces, ASO stands behind their focus on a single product. This ankle brace is like wrapping your ankle up in a strait jacket as the nylon fabric is stiff but malleable meaning you’re getting both support and movement. Even with extra straps and support the ASO brace easily fits inside of a shoe. While there are some pretty great braces out there, this one is by far the best.

McDavid Ankle Brace with Strap

McDavid is one of the go-to companies when it comes to sports rehabilitation. Their classic lace up ankle brace is a thing of retro-infused beauty, featuring a soft and thin polyester vinyl blend making it breathable and oh so comfortable. The polyvinyl mesh is so thin there’s not a big issue sliding a shoe over the brace while the the lace up style makes the perfect fit easy. The braces steel stays offer all the support you need but they’ll never dig into your leg. McDavid even offers extra inserts for extra support during recovery.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

At first glance the Aircast Airsport may not look like much but it’s actually one of the best ankle braces on the market. Super easy to use, just slip it on, tighten the straps and you ready to go. The plastic shell is stiff but pliable while the woven fabric is specially coated to enhance the braces durability. The inside foam is infused with special Aircell technology making the inside cushion incredibly soft and helps protect the ankle from impact.

Cramer Active Ankle Volt

Think of this ankle brace as body armor for your ankle. This is a brace meant for most serious athletes, allowing easy of movement while still getting adequate support. A polypropylene shell makes this brace incredibly durable yet lightweight, the minimalistic design is anything but bulky or intrusive and Volts EVA foam pads are super soft so your ankle feels like its resting in a pillow. The U strap on the bottom is a huge benefit because it keeps the brace in place without making you feel like you’re wearing a boot.

DonJoy RocketSoc Drytex Ankle Support

Don Joy is one of the most respected names in the sports medicine injury, The RocketSoc is one of their best ankle braces for arch support and comes in 3 different types of fabric with the Drytex best for prolonged use. The braces breathable Drytex material wicks away moisture and improves airflow so your foot stays dry and cool. Incredibly comfortable, Rocketsock won’t rub up against your ankle or the top of your foot while you’re walking. With this ankle brace you’re getting support during flexing and extension without inhibiting your range of motion.

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