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Best Arrow Rest

Arrow rests are used to keep the arrow in position and support it until the arrow is fired. There are several types of rests including shoot-thru, containment and drop away. Each type has strengths and weaknesses. For example, the shoot-thru rest is easy to attach, but the containment rest is popular with hunters because it holds the arrow better. When used correctly all of the rests will improve your accuracy.

New Archery Products Apache Drop Away Arm Rest

NAP's Apache is a drop away arrow rest provides complete containment for your arrows. The design creates 360 degrees of sound dampening, so its operation will not spook game. You do not need tools to make adjustments with the knobs. The knobs have etched graduations, so they are easy to use in the field.

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit

The Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit from Trophy Ridge will keep your arrow in place, but it does more than just secure it. The Biscuit includes windage adjustment and reference marks to help you improve your accuracy. Rubber boots help to silence the arrow during loading. These features make it a good choice for hunters.

G5 Expert II Camo Arrow Rest

If you want an arrow rest that lets you make fine adjustments easily, then G5's Expert II may be the right choice for you. It has adjustable spring tension with 1/4" of vertical microadjustment. The ability to make microadjustments helps you improve accuracy. The damping rubber bumper quiets the draw so you can hunt game without spooking it.

RipCord Code Red Arrow Rest

The Code Red arrow rest from RipCord offers an arrow containment system with an arm dedicated to holding your arrow in place. An internal brake system means there is no launcher bounce back. Your arrows will have proper clearance, so you will be able fire off a lot of shots. The soft over-molding helps keep the noise to a minimum.

NAP QuikTune 1000 Arrow Rest

Less experienced archers will appreciate the ability to make easy elevation and windage adjustments with NAP's Quiktune 1000. Another convenient feature is that the launcher tension can be adjusted independently. This rest launcher keeps bounce in check with its triple bearing design. The silencer will keep noise to a minimum so this rest can be a good choice for hunters.

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