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Best Balance Board

Balance boards are a functional pieces of fitness equipment which at first don’t seem entirely useful to the naked eye, but there’s a reason they continue to grow in popularity in functional training. These boards are killer core strengtheners and mind-muscle connection builders suitable for the average Joe and professional athletes alike.

The best balance boards on this list were chosen as best because of their durability due to quality manufacturing materials like wood and polymers, multiple uses outside of core training like sport specific training and leg strengthening, and the ability to adjust difficulty in some exercise situations.

Fitter First Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer

This workout device is in a league of its own and can be considered a standalone own home gym. For one, this balance board has sliding feet which not only increase the challenge of balancing, but also make the cross trainer the only balance board with intrinsic cardio capabilities. This board can be used as a wobble board as well as a rocker board and is the most versatile balance board available.

This board can be used a skier for cardio capabilities, but can also be used for all kinds of challenging total body exercises from squats to pushups. Unlike other trainers, the added sliding capability contributes even more challenge to your workout. This balance board is an awesome space saver and can double as a cardio machine for people with small living arrangements.

Fitter First Bongo Board

The Bongo Board by Fitter First has been around for ages and remains one of the most popular balance boards available to date. It’s a true roller board offering all the benefits of a roller board, but much more safely than other models like it. The Bongo Board is designed with edges on either side of the undercarriage to stop the roller from flying out from underneath you as well as giving rocker board-like capabilities.

Bongo Board is built out of proven materials that will last a life time including the maple plywood board, polypropylene runner, and urethane roller. While this roller doesn’t offer a ton in the way of exercises outside of balance training, it can be used to plus up squats and pushups for more elite athletes.

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board Trainer System

The Fit by Revolution has so many impressive qualities that it’s nearly impossible to decide where to start. The board is extra wide to accommodate all sizes of users and supports an impressive 350 pounds thanks to super strong hardwood construction.

The comfort top material on the top of the Fit offers great grip for footing, but is still comfortable even with your shoes off. The urethane roller is extremely durable and its smooth design allows the board to move extra fast to challenge you with every workout.

What really sets the Revolution Fit apart from competitors is it can be used as a roller, rocker, and wobble board in one. This opens up all kinds of fitness opportunities for you with three ways to train your core making it a home gym in a box by offering challenging variations to exercises like pushups, squats, and sports specific jumping exercises.


The Bosu Ball isn’t what you would call a traditional balance board, but it does everything a balance board does and more. The Bosu Sport is a slightly smaller version of the traditional Bosu which makes it easier to transport, while made from the same high-quality, latex-free, burst resistant material. Bosu Ball can be used as a wobble board or a rocker board as well as a stepper, jumper, and all around core/balance trainer to challenge your legs or upper body. Another feature of the Bosu Ball is its difficulty can be adjusted slightly by adding or removing air in the ball.

Thera-Band Wobble Board

Thera-Band has been in the business of rehabilitation for decades so they know how to make an exceptional balance board. Their wobble board is a dynamic device which allows movement on all planes which makes it more chaotic than a traditional roller board and more versatile than a rocker board.

This board isn’t great for upper body exercises but it does make lower body work like steps and squats much more challenging. Unlike other balance boards, the wobble board is much more efficient at building ankle stability and calf strength for better posture.

The board is one solid piece of molded plastic meaning it will never come apart at the seams. The top is soft and pliable so it almost feels like you’re stepping in grass when using it barefoot.

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