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Baseball is known as America’s pastime, and though baseball has lost some of its popularity to the NFL and the NBA, it is still a popular spectator sport and still enjoyed by millions of kids across the country. To play baseball, you need a baseball! Though all baseballs look fairly similar, there are many differences. They are made with either leather or synthetic covers, have raised or rolled seams, and are made with different cores (cushioned, cork, rubber, combination). There are also safety and reduced injury factor (RIF) balls for younger players.

The best balls are made with a long-lasting leather cover because they offer consistent performance and durability. They are also made with a cushioned cork core, which consists of a cork center wrapped in a thin layer of premium rubber, and wound in wool and cotton thread. Major League Baseballs require windings of at least 85% wool. Wool windings help the ball return to shape after impact and increase the longevity and durability of the baseball.

Safety balls are great for beginning players because they are soft and generally “sting-free.” Reduced injury factor (RIF) ball are a relatively new innovation that serve as a bridge between safety balls and regulation balls.. They are made with polyurethane cores and will not hit as hard nor hurt as much as regular baseballs. They are rated from level 1 to level 10 (1 is the softest while 10 plays almost like a real ball). The great thing about RIF balls is that they play like a real ball with true bounces and a similar feel.

As a coach or a dad, one of the best things you can do for kids is to teach them to love the game of baseball. Selecting the right ball for the level of play and age is an important factor in a young player’s enjoyment of the game.

Spalding TF Pro Baseball

The Spalding TF Pro baseball is made to every Major League Baseball specification. They have a full grain premium leather cover along with gray and white wool seams along with a cushioned cork center. The balls seam is actually 30 percent higher than a traditional flat seam ball which actually improves both grip and accuracy. This is a quality baseball at an affordable price that will be tough to turn down.

Wilson A1010 Pro Series Collegiate & NFHS Baseball

The Wilson Pro Level Official Game Baseball offers super seams and dura-core technology providing proprietary pressure formed to withstand impact and retain original hardness. With red cushioned cork on the inside and gray wool seams on the outside, this ball is built to last. Along with full-grain leather, you won't find many better made balls on the market. The super seams are actually 20 percent higher quality higher than conventional seams, giving pitchers more control and also helps fielders get the ball out of the glove faster.

Major League Specifications Baseball EA-ROML

The Rawlings Major League specifications baseball has everything a professional grade ball requires. It's got the Rawlings Major League seam, and meets all required official major league specifications. With a cushioned cork center and a premium leather cover for added durability, this ball will be able to stand up to the harshest games and practices. Reasonably priced, this ball will prepare you for whatever the game might “throw” at you.

Diamond D1-PRO NFHS Professional League Leather Baseball

The Diamond D1-Pro League baseball is apparently the ball of choice of colleges across America. Made with A-1 Grade Grey Wool Windings, and a premium leather covering, this ball is built to last. With the patented diamond seam, this ball meets all requirements and specifications for professional play. At a great price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option out there.

Spalding TF Pro Flat Seam baseball

Much like the Spalding TF Pro baseball listed above, this "flat-seam" version is basically the same in every way but it’s flattened seam. It's made to every Major League Baseball specification with a full grain premium leather cover along with gray and white wool seams, as well as having a cushioned cork center. While this TF Pro ball has flat seams, this does make it great for use with pitching machines. A quality sports product at a quality price.

Rawlings RLLB Little League Baseball

The Rawlings Little League baseball’s are a quality product offered at a quality price. Complete with the Rawlings raised seam, these official game balls look just like the ones that pros use. Complete with a full-grain leather cover and with a composite cork and rubber center, these balls are made from quality materials that will last for a while. Since these balls won't break the bank, and you won't need to replace them immediately, these are a best buy.

Diamond DLL-1 Little League Baseball

The competition grade Diamond Little League baseball’s combine durability and affordability. Complete with a cork and rubber pill, these balls will be able to take a beating, and just keep going. With select wool-blend winding and a full-grain leather cover, these quality materials make this ball worth the price. Complete with the diamond raised seams, your little leaguer will feel like a major leaguer in no time flat.

Wilson A1074BLL1 Little League Baseball

The Wilson Little League Baseball is a great product from a well known, reliable brand. Wilson prides itself on durable, quality made products, and these baseballs more than meet their high standards. With a Grade C leather cover and a cushioned cork center, Wilson stays true to form with this baseball. At a quality price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more reliable little league baseball than Wilson's.

Spalding Little League Baseball

The Spalding Little League ball is from a company that understands balls. Theirs is perfect for both practice or gameplay. The ball is made up of a leather cover with flat seems, making it perfect for pitching machines because without the raised seems, the ball will stay fly much straighter and true. On the inside, the ball is made up of both composite cork as well as a rubber center. Affordably priced, this is a great ball to get for your individual player or team.

Diamond DSLL-1 Senior Little League Baseball

Good for players ages 16 and under, the Diamond Senior Little League ball is built to last. This is truly a tournament-grade ball built with the most demanding athletes in mind. With a cushioned cork center and A Grade grey wool-blend winding, this ball is meant to last even after the most aggressive games and practices. Along with a premium leather cover and the trademark Diamond Seam, the DSLL is great for any competitive little leaguer.

Rawlings NFHS Stamped Official League Baseball

Rawlings new RNFC baseball is a high quality baseball with the NFHS stamp sold at a great price. The ball comes with full-grain leather for added durability and perfect feel. It has raised seams for a great grip and a cushioned cork center. It is approved for all NFHS play and can be used for practice or for games. They have a long lasting cover and you will be surprised at how long they last - so no need to save them all for the games. Because of their reasonable pricing and great long lasting quality, these are the top NFHS or NCAA baseballs on the market today.

Diamond D1-NFHS Leather Baseball

The Diamond D1-NFHS Leather Baseball is approved for NFHS play and features a cushioned cork center, A-grade grey wool winding, a premium leather cover, DriCore technology and raised seams for superior feel and control. The DriCore technology helps prevent the baseball from absorbing too much water on wet fields or during rainy conditions. If the ball is subject to excessive wet conditions, DriCore technology will accelerate the drying time of the baseball. Diamond is one of the most recognizable brands for baseballs and softballs in the country. due to their high quality standards and their patented diamond seam, which features the recognizable, raised seam and this ball is a great selection for all NFHS play.

MacGregor #97 Major League Baseball-NFHS Approved

The MacGregor #97 Major League Baseball MCB97MLH features raised seams for a great grip and fantastic control. It is made with grey wool windings and a cushioned cork center. It is also made with an A-1 cowhide cover for superior durability. MacGregor is not one of the big names in baseball equipment, but they have been making quality sporting goods products for a long time, and this baseball will work well for any high school team or league.

Wilson A1010 Pro Series Collegiate & NFHS Baseball

The Wilson Pro Level Official Game Baseball offers super seams and dura-core technology providing proprietary pressure formed to withstand impact and retain original hardness. With red cushioned cork on the inside and gray wool seams on the outside, this ball is built to last. Along with full-grain leather, you won't find many better made balls on the market. The super seams are actually 20 percent higher quality higher than conventional seams, giving pitchers more control and also helps fielders get the ball out of the glove faster.

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Pro Nine Collegiate League Baseball

Here is a name you don’t hear too much, but the Pro Nine collegiate baseball comes with a reasonable price and quality as good as the big names. It is made with a full-grain leather cover, precision raised seam, a cushioned cork center, and is grey wool wound. Though these do not come from a well-known manufacturer, they meet all NCAA and MLB specifications and are perfect for games or practices. Though name recognition counts, sometimes quality is found in the lesser known names - this is one of those times.

SKLZ Reaction Ball Baseball Agility Trainer

The SKLZ Reaction Ball is a baseball agility trainer for fielding purposes with six sides which cause this rubberized ball to go off in any direction at any time. This forces the fielder to be prepared for anything. You can use this ball wherever for practice whether on a field or in a parking lot. It's a great training tool for hand-eye coordination and will help sharpen your hand quickness and speed. You can have someone work with you when using this ball, or you can use it on your own with the help of a nearby wall.

Total Control Sports Hole Practice Batting Ball

These durable. wiffle-style training balls are great for helping the improvement of a batter's swing and are actually guaranteed for one full year from breaking. The idea behind them is that they’re designed to teach a player to drive through the ball while promoting a technique allowing one to hit for power. This ball is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and is especially great for soft toss and front toss drills; anybody who has ever spent time on the baseball field, knows that these drills are extremely important in the development of a player's swing.

SKLZ Weighted Baseballs (Yellow 10 oz, Black 12 oz)

The SKLZ Weighted baseballs are great for increasing arm strength, which in turn helps with velocity. This is crucial for outfielders, the left side of the infield, pitchers, and catchers, but almost every position on the field benefits from practicing with the SKLZ weighted balls. They come in a two ball set which includes a 10 ounce ball and a 12 ounce ball. Both balls are of the same size, construction and have the same materials used as official balls, which helps get you game ready.

Franklin Sports MLB Josh Hamilton Elite Home Run Weighted Training Ball

The Franklin Sports Home Run weighted training ball will help you add strength and power to your swing which is done through focused resistance training. The idea is, if you can connect cleanly with this ball, you can connect cleanly with a regular ball. The ball weighs about 17.5 ounces, as opposed to a normal ball at about 5 ounces. Along with a tough PVC cover, these ball are super durable and can stand the test of time.

ROLB1X Practice Baseballs in Bucket (3 Dozen)

The best part of any practice is batting practice. Getting a chance to hit 20-30 pitches is always great, and with this bucket of cheap practice balls, you'll have more than enough. These balls are cheap, which is a huge plus, but they're also made out of quality materials at the same time. They have a full grain leather cover, composite cork and rubber center and have the Rawlings raised seam. Though they won't damage easily, you still have another 23 to work with if something happens.

SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Balls

The SKLZ Safety Ball is a reduced-impact ball for training purposes with a very realistic look and feel. When teaching fundamentals to a youth player, you want them to think they're using a real ball, and this one simulates that pretty darn well. Being the same size as actual baseballs, kids can build confidence and associate the proper skills while using this safety ball. With its soft, cushioned construction, this ball will help teach technique while also helping prevent injury.

Rawlings 5-Tool 3 Pack Hitter's Eye Training Baseballs

The Rawlings Training Baseballs are the perfect practice/training baseballs for a younger player. They feature the Rawlings major league seam which simulates a real ball, ultimately helping build confidence along with their skill set. Made out of a quality and durable synthetic leather cover, this ball also features a polyurethane medium/firm center ensuring that it won't break apart any time soon. For a slightly older player (ages 7-10), the ball is still soft, but firmer than some of the others. A little pricey, but can you put a price on safety and learning of fundamentals?

Baden Safety Baseballs

The Baden Safety Baseballs are a little bit pricier but are designed to instill confidence in younger players. By simulating real baseballs, younger players can think they're learning with the real thing, without any threat of injury. Made with a synthetic cover and a polycore interior, the quality materials set Baden Baseballs apart from the rest. These are the perfect balls for learning about the game and instilling a love of the sport without the bruises that come with it.

Markwort Safety Lightweight Baseballs

Markwort Safety Lightweight Baseballs

The Markwort 9 inch safety lightweight baseballs are a great way to get the fundamentals going early in younger players. These balls are ideal for a player as young as four, weighing only about 2.5 ounces, ensuring almost near impossibility of getting hurt. A synthetic cover on the ball ensures it can take a beating and will still be useable for a long while. It has an acrylic felt center and red stitch to really simulate a real ball so your little slugger won't know the difference.

Easton Softouch Ball

The Easton Team Soft Touch Baseball is a quality training product and honestly, it's a great learning tool all the way to the major leagues because ultimately, fundamental skill sets translate to any age and ability. This is another safety ball with the feel of an authentic game ball, instilling confidence and fundamentals in any player. The synthetic leather cover ensures durability for practice pitch after practice pitch. Its reduced weight is thanks to the polyurethane core which ensures injury free play. Priced affordably, this is a good practice ball for any age.

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Over the years, I became an expert on sporting goods. How did I become an expert? From many years of use - both for myself and for my kids. I have done countless hours of research, purchased many products - both good and bad, and have used various types of equipment. Having kids who like sports, the water, and the outdoors, will force you to learn many new things. Now I can offer my help to others who are looking for good products. I played many different sports when I was younger: basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. I hiked, camped, and worked out. Now, that I have kids, I have researched and purchased equipment for their sporting endeavors. As I age, I have been forced to look for fitness equipment and exercises that are a good fit for someone who has arthritis, a bad back, sore knees, and the unfortunate ravages of overuse (when are they going to develop total body replacements?). However, I still have a strong desire to stay in decent shape and remain healthy - and of course, like many parents, I live vicariously through the activities of my kids. This keeps me at least reasonably knowledgeable and up-to-date on many products in the sporting, fitness, and recreation realms.
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