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Best Baseball Batting Gloves

Swinging a baseball bat is surprisingly taxing on the hands: Especially among new hitters and wood bat swingers that have not yet developed the upper-palm callouses that naturally occur through repetitious batting practice. As a result, swinging could cause painful blisters to emerge that could force the hitter to miss some time to heal. The idea of the batting glove is to prevent these hand injuries that occur from excessive batting practice.

Over the years, the standard batting glove has evolved to meet the demands of the competitive hitter. Increased grip, innovative straps and varying thickness are all varying styles of batting gloves that cater to a specific market niche.

As an self dubbed expert rater, I will be assessing and ranking the best batting gloves with the following characteristics in mind. Comfort, durability, protection, and grip will serve as the primary assessment criteria. Exclusive advantageous traits will also factor in the decision. Ultimately, price point will break any quality rating ties.

Cutters Gloves Men's Prime Hero Baseball Batting Glove

Cutters patented C-TACK grip material makes cutters the ideal choice for those looking for the best grip on the market. To accompany their defining trait, Cutters has improved their batting glove models to feature light, breathable leather to create arguably the best batting glove on the market today. Also priced competitively along with comparable elite models, the B350s are an excellent choice for any and all hitters.

Franklin CFX Pro Batting Glove 2014

Franklin is renowned throughout baseball circles as a premier seller of baseball equipment, most notably baseball gloves. Used by professional baseball players the likes of Dustin Pedroia and Evan Longoria, the gloves obviously have professional appeal. The main reason these gloves are preferred is because they are comfortable. The gloves are made with high quality leather that allows for a thinner batting glove, improving breathability without compromising durability, and improving overall grip feel and comfort. The quality of the leather allows for full protection while minimizing risk of tearing, which is all you can ask for in a batting glove.

Evoshield Pro Batting Gloves

The Evoshield has introduced an innovative new concept that I personally believe will become a trend in baseball circles in the future. Evoshield is popular for the protective 'Evogel' that is inserted into equipment as a gel, and dried to create custom fitting, protective gear. The evoshield protective glove introduces the same concept of protection to the batters hands, which has become increasingly important in the game today, especially for more aggressive hitters who tend to dive out over the plate. In terms of comfortability, the quality of the evoshield is comparable to other pro models, if not slightly lower in breathability. However, the protective layer over the glove gives the evoshield a distinct competitive advantage, and has carved a niche for itself in the batting glove market.

Nike MVP Elite Pro Batting Gloves

I like a lot of things about the Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves. First, these gloves are insanely comfortable, as the leather used is as thin as any on the market, resulting in a glove that is light, breathable, and doesn't limit your ability to feel the bat in your hands while also reducing negative vibration impact of badly hit balls. The grip itself, while not as ideal as some other models, is more than sufficient in its own right. Ultimately these gloves are a pricier model relative to other gloves on the market, but more than worth it to the hitter with comfort foremost in mind.

Under Armour Yard Batting Gloves

What I like about the Men's UA Yard batting gloves are their flexibility. Under Armour, known for their heat and cold gear technology, have implemented the same technology into their gloves, which they advertise contributes to the flexibility of the gloves. Ultimately, increased '4-way stretch' capability along with premium cabretta leather has resulted in an extremely comfortable and form-fitting baseball glove, which is more or less what we have come to expect from Under Armour. Comparable to the Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves, these gloves take the edge in terms of price.

Mike Annunziato
With over 20 years of experience as a player, coach, and sales representative, I know sporting goods from every angle, inside and out. Whether you are a beginner looking for the basics or an experienced athlete looking for top-flight gear, I can help you find what you are looking for. My expertise falls under the categories of the four main American sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey) and extends out into the outdoors (hiking, camping). I continue to stay active in sports leagues in the greater Los Angeles area as a player and coach.
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