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Best Baseball Equipment Bag

Baseball Equipment Bags are becoming a vital piece of equipment for baseball players, both young and old. It used to be you could fill a backpack with a glove, cleats and carry your bat, but those days are long gone. Now with braces, uniforms and other baseball paraphernalia, a good baseball bag is essential. These best baseball equipment bags are large enough to accommodate a number of items while also able to keep everything organized. These bags are also reasonably priced as well as sharp to look at.

DeMarini Vendetta Bag on Wheels, Black

The Demarini Vendetta Bag on Wheels checks all the right boxes for a good equipment bag. With an extra-large main equipment compartment, there's plenty of room for anything you could possibly need. (you could fit a watermelon in there if you wanted to). With a vented shoe pocket, your bag won't smell like old cleats and any sweat will dry pretty quickly. As an added bonus, there’s an insulated water bottle pocket as well as a side pocket for any extra accessories that need to be kept separate.

With tote-style adjustable padded shoulder straps, functionality is not sacrificed for comfort. As the bags name suggests, the durable urethane wheels and reinforced pull handle allow for easy portability without worry of having to replace them anytime soon.

DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Backpack

The Voodoo Paradox Back Pack is a quality bag at a reasonable price. This spacious bag can easily accommodate your helmet, glove and cleats, along with virtually anything else you may need for the field.  The BarrelLock neoprene bat sleeve can hole up to two bats and the vented shoe compartment is very helpful, especially on hot summer days. It’s also equipped with fence hooks, making it easy to hang your bag near or in your dugout. As an added bonus, a fleece-lined cell phone pocket ensures nothing will damage your phone. With a waterproof composite treated base material, this bag is durable and will withstand the test of time.

Mizuno Organizer G3 Batpack

The Mizuno Organizer Batpack G3 is a great bag at a great price. Although it’s a little smaller than other bags, it allows for easier transportation. This functional bag can fit all of your equipment (easily holding two bats) and also has a small front pocket for smaller items that need to be kept separate. It comes equipped with a fence clip so you can easily hang your bag wherever as well as a separate storage compartment for cleats or other footwear. With lightweight, breathable shoulder straps, your comfort is at the forefront making this a great, affordable bag overall.

MacGregor Team Roller Equipment Bag

The huge MacGregor Team Roller Equipment Bag might be the most bang for the buck, allowing you to fit anything you want in there including helmets, bats, cleats, gloves, you name it. Since it's made out of high quality, 600-denier polyester, it's super durable and will certainly stand the test of time. This is a big bag but with a concealed pull handle, and an inline wheel kit, it’s easy to transport from field to home or wherever. Padded shoulder straps allow comfortable transportation; essential for anyone who knows what it's like to carry a bag home after a long and grueling practice session. Reasonably priced, this bag is a steal.

Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 3 Stick Baseball Bag

The Louisville Slugger Series 3 Batpack is as functional as it is cool looking. Made of ultra-durable 600D polyester, this bag can stand up to the harshest conditions. With several pockets for various baseball equipment, you will have room for everything you could possibly need. With plush padding on the back/shoulder straps, carrying this bag is an absolute breeze. Additionally, it can hold two bats and is very reasonably priced.

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