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Best Baseball Pitching Machine

A great pitching machine will help you become a better hitter by helping to improve your bat speed and coordination through repetition. There are many different types of machines available, including machines that throw real baseballs, practice balls, whiffle balls. Some machines can be adjusted for defensive drills, while others can throw a variety of pitches - fastballs, curveballs, and sliders, among other pitches, reaching speeds as high as 100 MPH. Most pitching machines use regular AC power (you plug it in), and many also come with a battery pack for easy portability and use. The criteria for the best machine will be determined based on its ability to improve your skills as a baseball player. Effectiveness of the machines primary purpose (pitching) will be assessed. Under this criterion, pitching velocity, and versatility of pitch ability will be assessed. Second, overall machine versatility will be taken into account. Third, ease of practical use will factor into the decision. Finally, price of product will break any ties associated with quality.

ATEC Casey Pro 3G Baseball Pitching Machine

The ATEC Casey Pro Pitching machine actually does everything. As an actual pitching machine, this machine can reach velocities of over 110 MPH, which is the fastest I have seen from a commercial consumer pitching machine. For reference, the fastest fastball ever recorded in MLB history is listed at 105 MPH. The machine has a simple pivoting and rotating mechanism that allows it to throw every kind of breaking ball, from sliders to knuckleballs, at varying angles and velocities. In terms of versatility, its relatively lightweight (30 pounds) and has wheels on the side that make the machine rollable, which means you won't have to carry it. It can be converted into a ground ball/fly ball machine as well. It's used around the country by college and professional baseball teams, lending credibility to its effectiveness.

Bulldog Elite Baseball Pitching Machine

The Bulldog Elite has all the features required of an elite pitching machine. It can deliver fastball and breaking balls at Speeds up to 95 MPH. It delivers curveballs and breaking balls, simulating both left handed and right handed pitching. It is light and portable, sporting side wheels for easy transport. And it is slightly lower priced than other elite models, making it an ideal candidate for someone looking for a top tier machine at a bit of a discount.

Jugs Curveball Pitching Machine

Click theThe JUGS curveball pitching machine is a common sight at most baseball fields. Used from little league through college. It is a versatile machine that throws more than just curveballs, although it is designed specifically with breaking balls in mind. It reaches speeds of 104 MPH, which is more than enough for players at all levels. It is capable of delivering both ground balls and fly balls, and is portable. It is a little heavier than some of the other models, and doesn't break down as easily as some of the others on the list. However in terms of it's upside, it is arguably the best and most dependable pitching machine or its purpose, which is improving the baseball player.

BATA 2Pitch4 Pitching Machine

BATA 2Pitch4 Pitching Machine

The BATA has carved a niche for itself with a unique feature that no other elite model possesses. The BATA 2 Pitch 4 actually has two separate adjustment wheels that can be set to different speed and angle settings, allowing for the capability to throw two separate pitches (read: fastballs and curveballs) at an unpredictable rate. This makes the machine ideal for high level batting practice. As far as improving as a hitter goes, this machine cannot be topped. It is also versatile in its portability, as it is lightweight and has side wheels standard on elite machines. It is specifically made for pitching, so this machine is not the premier machine for grounders and fly balls. It is also listed at a very high price relative to other elite machines.

Iron Mike MP4 Hopper Fed Pitching Machine

Iron Mike MP4 Hopper Fed Pitching Machine

What makes this machine great is its ability to simulate a real pitcher. The Iron Mike MP4 is the only machine on the list to feature an arm-style pitch delivery system. This feature allows for the most game-like situation practice of any machine. It also is fed by a 'hopper' which eliminates the need for another person to stand and deliver the baseballs into the machine. The downside is its versatility - the Iron Mike only pitches, and designed to remain in one location, limiting portability. This is not the machine for everyone, but serves its own purpose of game simulation pitching better than any other machine on the market. The Iron Mike also comes at a high cost, which is to be expected of top tier pitching machines.

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