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Best Basketball Backboard

Every basketball player knows a quality backboard is important to the game and choosing the correct one for your court can be a challenge with all of the options available put there. Thankfully there are a few backboard standards to give anyone a wide selection of the right backboards they need.

Choosing a backboard with the right material is crucial to anyone playing the game. Backboards made from glass are constructed with longevity in mind and don’t dent easily when a ball bounces from them. They’re also very durable, most made with a reinforced steel frame that can last for many years without fear of breaking or wearing down. The only caveat is that their price tag puts most of them out of the range of a general player.

Acrylic material is just as durable as glass but at a more affordable price. Any pressure put on an acrylic backboard won't damage it and this includes hanging from the rim, slapping the backboard and even swinging off of it from a follow through (although not recommended!) Hurling a basketball at an acrylic backboard will also do very little to bruise, chip or dent it, making the material the best choice because of its sturdiness.

Other materials used for backboards include steel, polycarbonate and even plastic, which are good substitutes for a wide range of players. Steel backboards are best where weather conditions become a problem as steel is another very hard, heavy material. Polycarbonate backboards are in the same category as acrylic backboards, but are seen differently because a basketball bounces off the backboard softer. Lastly, plastic backboards are good for young basketball players in training, but their construction easily causes chips, dents and missing pieces from a basketball with overextended use.

Each of the best basketball backboards chosen for this list are here because of their durability. Whether it's acrylic, polycarbonate or steel, these picks allow for the roughest play without the need to think about the consequence of playing too hard on the backboard and rim. Additionally, mounting any one of these backboards is quick and easy once you find the perfect spot and you'll be playing for a long time once it goes up. Finally, each backboard made this list because of their affordable price points. Finding the perfect backboard within your budget is the first real step in being able to actually play the game. This list provides a plethora of options for you to pick and choose by price.

Spalding 79564 NBA Acrylic 54 Arena Slam Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo

The Spalding 54” Acrylic Backboard Model 79564 gives any basketball player the best experience for their dollar. The durability of the clear acrylic background gives you a glass-like feel and you can throw any basketball at it without any resulting dents or scuff marks. The break-away rim allows for intense dunking and also gives the basketball a little more bounce as it comes off the rim. Thanks to having a reinforced frame, you won't have to worry about the backboard falling down from its mount; the amount of pressure it can hold without giving way is excellent. This easily mountable backboard fits in anywhere offering the serious and casual player alike a truly rewarding playing experience.

The Lifetime 48” Backboard and Rim Combo Model 90010Z

The Lifetime 48” Backboard and Rim Combo Model 90010Z

The Lifetime 48” Backboard and Rim Combo Model 90010Z delivers a quality basketball backboard at an affordable price. This backboard comes built with a steel frame and is touted as being shatter proof. At 48 inches, the backboard dimensions are a bit smaller than others, but it plays just as well. Made of durable acrylic material and a steel-frame, this basketball backboard is definitely one that you will be able to use for a long time. The Lifetime 48 inch Backboard is a great choice when looking for a backboard since it offers the same features as the 54 inch Spalding, just without the slightly higher price tag.

Spalding 79354 48" Poly Carbonate Basketball Backboard Rim Combo

The Spalding 48” Polycarbonate Backboard and Slam Jam Rim Combo Model 79354 is a quality model for any player looking to practice their game. The durable polycarbonate material is comparable to that of an acrylic backboard and let’s you play around without worrying about breaking the backboard.

The break-away rim allows for even the hardest dunks without the trouble of the backboard falling down. However, if you're looking for a mount included with this model you’ll have to have to buy that separately as it doesn’t come as part of the package. Despite this shortcoming, this backboard comes in at a more affordable price point than other acrylic backboards.

Spalding 44” Polycarbonate Backboard and Slam Rim Combo

Spalding 44” Polycarbonate Backboard and Slam Rim Combo

The Spalding 44 inch Polycarbonate Backboard and Slam Rim Combo is truly a growing player’s best friend. The difference between this and the Spalding 48 inch backboard is simply the four inch difference; however this backboard is still a very good model. It has the feel of an acrylic backboard but at a more economical price point. With its durable polycarbonate material it can withstand any impact from either the basketball or yourself.

The break-away rim handles sudden, heavy pressure without any part of it breaking while any stray basketballs on the rim will bounce off cleanly. This backboard will also make the ball spring right off the material while the all-weather net guarantees everyone’s favorite “swish” sound when a ball sails cleanly through the hoop. This is another backboard on our list which doesn’t come with a mount included.

Biz Chair Economy Front Mount Steel Backboard

Biz Chair Economy Front Mount Steel Backboard

This steel backboard harkens back to the days of playground basketball. The perfect backboard for the outdoors, it provides a very unique playing experience. The edges of this 39 by 54 inch backboard are rounded giving the owner a great way to practice their shooting skills. Although this backboard can be a bit more expensive, the manufacturing is top notch.

The steel material allows the ball to bounce off of it like a spring board so don’t get cocky and let the ball bounce too far away from you! This backboard is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing outdoors and really wants the feel of “playground basketball”. Like some of our other picks, this model doesn’t come with a mount and needs to be purchased separately.

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