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Best Bassinet

Your little one is used to the compact space of the womb, so it makes sense they’re going to feel comfortable sleeping in a compact space. A bassinet is an ideal space for your baby to sleep for the first few months of life, as they’re more compact than a crib. Another advantage of the bassinets smaller size is it can easily be placed in the parents’ bedroom which is much more convenient for those nighttime feedings. The bassinets which we’ve selected for this list stand out from the crowd because they’re equipped with canopies that shade overhead light, they feature mobiles or plush animals for visual stimulation, and include storage options for baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

Delta Children Smooth Glide Bassinet, Silver Linings

The Delta Children Smooth Glide Bassinet made our top slot because it offers features that both you and your little one will love. The base glides back and forth, offering a rocking feeling that babies will find incredibly comforting. The attached mobile plays soothing music and features sweet plush animals your little one will love gazing at. The mobile also features a soft light which provides subdued illumination when you wake up for those late night feedings. Two oversized baskets under the bassinet are ideal for holding diapers, wipes and other small items that you want to keep near. There’s also lockable wheels on the base which make it easy to move this bassinet around and you’ll love the sweet skirt around the base which compliments this bassinets look.

Kolcraft Cuddle'n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet

The Kolcraft Cuddle’n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet is the only baby bassinet that can be inclined which is ideal for babies dealing with acid reflux and colic. Conversely, if you would prefer your baby sleep flat simply removes the incline sleeper attachment. The bassinet can also be converted to a rocking bassinet so you can gently rock your little one. The Light Vibes electronic unit plays classical music and nature sounds, while casting a light glow so that you can easily check on your baby without disturbing them. A mobile is attached to the canopy and features three plush bears while underneath there’s an oversized basket which is perfect for storing extra clothes, diapers, and anything else you want to keep on hand.

Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet

The Summer Infant Sooth and Sleep Bassinet sways at multiple speeds for gently rocking your baby to sleep while a soft vibration pad under the mattress adds to this bassinets soothing effects. There’s also an integrated electronic sound machine which plays four nursery songs and three types of calming sounds from nature. This bassinet can be easily moved thanks the wheeled caster underneath which can also be locked so baby can safely slumber in one place. Underneath you have a large storage basket which is ideal for storing baby necessities while a quilted skirt around the bassinet adds a touch of visual sophistication. Depending on the model you choose, this bassinet may also feature plush adornments that hang from the canopy, giving baby visual stimulation when they’re awake.

Simmons Kids Deluxe Gliding Bassinet

The Simmons Deluxe Gliding Bassinet features an automatic, gentle side-to-side rocking motion and vibrating pad to lull your baby to sleep, but that’s not the only feature that make this bassinet stand out from the crowd. This pick also features an MP3-ready mobile which allows you to create a playlist of soothing songs for your little one in addition to fun spinning lambs which provide visual stimulation for your child. The bassinet also has an integrated nightlight which creates a soft glow so you can check on baby without disturbing their sleep. Lastly, there’s a three-section storage basket under the bassinet so you can keep all your important baby essentials close by.

Graco 9AH00MSN Dream Suite Bassinet

The Graco Suite Bassinet is an all-in-one bedside care center which flips over to serve as a changing station which makes those inevitable diaper changes super convenient. The two speed vibration setting offers a choice of soothing sensations for baby while the locking wheels make it easy for parents to move this bassinet around the house. Two cheery plush bears hang from the canopy and generous storage underneath allows you to keep the essentials within arm’s reach. You’ll also love the mesh sides of this bassinet which allow for better air flow and visibility.

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