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Best Bath Mat

Bath mats come in handy in and out of the tub. If you’re concerned about slipping in the tub, the right bath mat will address that concern. You should look for a mat that has good suction so it’ll stay in place. The right bath mat is also soft on your feet and has a massage-like quality to it. Having anti-microbial aspects also set a bath mat apart from the rest in terms of cleanliness and extended use. With these aspects in mind, I’ve complied a list of the top five bath mats.

Ginsey Rubbermaid Rubber Bath Mat

This Rubber Bath Mat by Ginsey features a grooved wave-pattern texture which helps provide secure footing. To keep the mat in place, skid-resistant suction cups are in place. For long-lasting durability, it’s made with latex-free and anti-microbial materials. It’s designed to stay clean and prevent bacterial buildup. It’s also easy on the skin. Customers note this rubber bath mat covers almost the entire tub and does a great job at preventing slipping. They also note the subtle wave pattern feels good on their feet.

Pinzon Luxury Banded Bath Mat

This bath mat is made of high-quality cotton and has an extra-dense weave that will soak up water very quickly. With a thick weave, this mat is also very soft on the soles as well. It features a rectangular banded design to add a classic touch to your bath mat. It coordinates well with the full line of Pinzon Luxury towels and washcloths and comes in a wide variety of colors. Customers note this bath mat is nice and thick and absorbs water well. It also dries in under a day for quick re-use. Although it doesn’t have a rubber backing, this mat doesn’t really slip on the floor at all.

Bubble Bath Mat

This bath mat will provide you both comfort and cushioning with reliable slip protection as long as your bathtub has a non-textured surface. It has small, raised bubbles that gently massage your feet and is made of durable, allergen-free vinyl. Customers note the mat covers almost the whole tub and has virtually no smell. It also washes easily in the laundry and can be hung up for next days use. It adheres to your tub perfectly, and for the price, customers would recommend this product to others. It’s lightweight but still has a good suction.

Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat

The soft fiber of the Ginsey Aquatouch Grass Bath Mat will massage your feet. It has drainage holes for water flow and skid-resistant suction cups. It’s not advised you use this mat on textured surfaces. Customers note this is a very soft mat that’s easy to clean. Simply run your fingers through it when it’s dry. Customers note they haven’t had any problems with slipping after using this mat. Even after years of use, it still works very well. For a mat that makes taking a shower comfortable and pain-free, the Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat is a durable solution.

Rubbermaid 18x36 XL Brown Bath Mat

This Rubbermaid Brown Bath Mat has an antibacterial feature which helps in prolonging the mat's life while inhibiting growth of bacteria and mold. It cushions your tub floor and helps prevent slips. It contains suction cups which grip the tub surface and help keep the mat in place. Customers love the Rubbermaid brand and note this mat is secure against their tub. It doesn’t slide and provides great bacteria resistance in the process. It’s a thicker mat that feels good on your feet too. For a bathmat without strange textures or lumps, the Rubbermaid Brown Bath Mat is an excellent choice.

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