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Best Batting Helmet

A batting helmet is the protective headgear worn by both baseball and softball players. It's primary function is to protect the head of the batter from wild pitches from the pitcher. Without a helmet, depending on the speed and impact of the ball, injuries could be as serious as death. While it’s not a rule to wear a helmet that covers both ears (just the one that faces the pitcher), it's not uncommon to see players (especially younger ones) wearing a helmet protecting both ears. When safety is the priority, there's no reason to cut corners.

These best batting helmets came down to a few key factors. The durability of these helmets is important, since you don't want it ever letting up and allowing you to be injured. Their comfort is also important, as they keep your head cool while maintaining functionality. And of course, their cost plays a factor as well because one doesn't want to break the bank just to avoid breaking their head.

Rip-It Vision Batting Helmet

This might arguably be the greatest batting helmet ever created. The helmet starts with a high density  padding system unlike any other on the market. It’s engineered to take the impact and spread it out over the largest surface area of the helmet with the padding naturally adjusting to the player's head. This allows for maximum comfort without losing functionality while the moisture management fabric traps sweat and keeps you cool.

This helmet is offered in overlapping sizes, meaning if a small doesn't fit, move to the medium and it will fit perfectly. Another plus is how incredibly lightweight this helmet is, ensuring that while a player is running to first, there's no chance of the helmet weighing them down. Additionally, it comes with a $5,000 money-back guarantee for any injuries incurred while wearing this helmet.

Rawlings S100 Batting Helmet

According to Rawlings, just because you're protected, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. The Rawlings S100 batting helmet's primary focus is protection which comes from an insert that provides additional durability in critical ball impact locations. This helmet also uses a multiple impact expanded polypropylene liner so it's nearly impossible to get injured using this helmet. The helmet also uses what they call Pro-Dri technology which is a moisture management material and also fights bacteria as an added bonus.

Easton Two-Tone Natural Grip Senior Batting Helmet

The Easton Natural Grip Two Tone Batting Helmet is designed to provide complete protection and ultra-lightweight comfort with an aerodynamic design. This helmet comes standard with a high-grade ABS protective shell and also equipped with EVA impact foam for additional safeguarding. They've also included a layer of comfort foam ensuring the best possible fit.

This helmet is National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved and can be used with a baseball or softball facemask (facemask sold separately). Easton's venting system uses a Bio-Dri antimicrobial Lycra-padded inner liner which keeps player cool and dry while out on the field. The rubberized matte finish is aesthetically pleasing, it's affordably priced, this helmet is tough to turn down.

Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmet

This Coolflo Batting Helmet, primarily used for high school aged players, features an attractive, high-tech design. It offers a double ear protection, NOCSAE approved design and comes pre-drilled for face guards. It's one size fits all (6 1/2 - 7 1/2) and also features fifteen individual air vents that keeps a player cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. At a very reasonable price, this is a good helmet to start out with. This helmet will do the job until you need to upgrade down the line.

Wilson Superfit Baseball &Softball Batters Helmet With Face Mask

The Superfit helmet from WIlson is a cost efficient helmet that will protect you head. With a brushed matte finish and glossy accents for a sharp look, you'll be turning heads when you're turning your bat on the ball. Adjustable to fit any player's head size, Wilson also has vents in their helmet along with WilDri moisture management liner technology to absorb sweat and keep a player cool on even the hottest days. Most importantly, SuperFit has advanced shell design for NOCSAE-level protection.

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