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Best Beard Trimmer

The days of just shaving away facial hair and leaving some in areas where you want to grow a beard or mustache are gone. Carefully shaping those areas with a trimmer that uses electric, traditional blades, or even both, is what you should use to keep your facial hair looking well-kept and stylish. There are appliances especially made for these trimming jobs and here are five of the best rated for their efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

The Gillette fusion razor is one of the most popular razors on the market today. The trimmer motor is built by the Braun company, one of the world’s best manufacturers of electric razors. The three different combs provide the ultimate adaptability to any facial contour and length of beard desired. There is also a fine edge on the back of the razor for close detailing of your beard or mustache. This is a versatile and comfortable choice for any facial hair trimming need.

Wahl GroomsMan All in One Trimmer

Wahl is a top notch company that makes incredible grooming products and their GroomsMan All in One is a perfect example of what they have to offer. This high quality trimmer feels good in the hand and delivers an ultra precise grooming experience every single time. You get a choice of three different (and easily interchangeable) heads that help you achieve just about any look you can imagine. Wahl also stands behind their product with a three year warranty so you can feel confident that this trimmer will continue to perform when it comes to keeping you looking your best.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

The Braun Cruzer 6's dual battery system goes well with the six different lengths you can adjust the heads to when trimming your beard or hair on your head. You can choose from stubble to a full length beard with 4 other settings in between. The settings are locked in once chosen, keeping the trimming precise for a perfect look. There is a small popup trimmer that can be used for those finishing touches that make all the difference in your beard’s appearance, and it can be cleaned by simply running under water. There aren't a lot of attachments for this trimmer, but it offers great performance.

Remington MB975 Rechargeable Chrome Detail Beard Groomer

The Remington MB975 offers a wide scope of grooming possibilities in one small package. The two reversible attachments offer up four different lengths for your mustache, beard or goatee. This lets you truly customize your facial hair to create a completely unique or classic look. This small, light beard trimmer has a long lasting battery that will carry you through even longer grooming sessions without needing a recharge. You also get the ultimate in convenience with blades that self sharpen and that never need to be oiled.

Wahl 5537-2701 Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Wahl produces professional quality grooming products that can come with price tags that are a little higher than the products from competitors. This effort is particularly intriguing because it carries a price tag that is at or below the majority of the other trimmers out there, without sacrificing the quality or versatility that people are accustomed to from Wahl. The Mustache Beard Trimmer is battery powered, lightweight and comes with all the accessories you need to customize your facial hair or stay well groomed. You get multiple guides to keep your beard and mustache at the perfect length and a full two year warranty to ensure that you’ll be able to keep up with the latest trends and styles in facial hair for years to come.

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