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Best Body Groomer

The search for the best body groomer has become easier over the past decade. The fact of the matter is that body hair isn’t thought of as being as attractive as it may have been in years passed. The continued trend that "less is more" when it comes to body hair has been noticed by major men’s product manufacturers. As a result, many more body hair management options have become available. There are some very basic options as well as others with plenty of bells, whistles and attachments. The five items we have ranked here as the best were chosen for performance, price and comfort.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

Braun has combined one of the world’s best razors with a terrific, battery powered trimmer. The Gillette, five blade Fusion razor has made its way onto many best razor lists, and the trimmer Braun has attached to it could be on its own best list. The razor delivers a smooth, comfortable shave. When used with a beard, the razor can be aligned with the trimmer, or adjusted out of the way with the touch of a button. It's even ergonomically designed to aid in use on hard to reach areas. It can be used in the shower safely and is easy to clean. And the trimmer comes with plenty of attachments for different areas and uses.

Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

The lithium battery is a big selling point for this product. More power means better trimming and better shaves. And a longer lasting charge means getting a full body grooming job done in one sitting. The included eyebrow and ear trimmer attachments don't quite get the job done as well as the beard trimmer attachments, but this may be due to the extra power which may make precise touch ups a bit trickier. There are four interchangeable heads - trimmer, dual shaver, t-blade, and detail - which should cover all of your male grooming needs. The trimmer comes with a stand that holds the charger and the attachments keeping your space tidy and organized. Experience and power make the Wahl a fine choice for body grooming.

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro

The BG2040 series body groomer from Philips Norelco comes with a little bit of a higher price tag than some of the other trimmers on our list, but this well rounder trimmer is worth every penny. This high quality trimmer features a pivoting head for maximum comfort and your choice of five different settings for length. This lets you trim virtually everywhere on your body where you have unwanted or unruly hair that needs to be tamed for you to look your best. This body groomer also features a long lasting battery (nearly an hour when fully charged). This lets you tackle your full course of grooming without having to stop in the middle for a recharge. You also get the benefit of a wet/dry system with this body groomer which allows you to kill two birds with one stone by getting your body grooming done while you are in the shower.

Remington BHT300 Contour Body Groomer

The Remington BHT300 is a fantastic “anywhere” body groomer. This handy trimmer is compact which makes it easy to store and easy to travel with – and it works either wet or dry so you can use it before, after or even during your shower. The BHT300 Contour Body Groomer has a very comfortable rubber handle that makes it easy to control in or out of the water for the most accurate grooming possible. You also get a choice of three length attachments with this handy trimmer. That means you can easily groom your beard, head, back and more all without worrying about changing to a different grooming device.

Philips Norelco BG5025/49 Bodygroomer

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG2028 is a lighter version of their BG2040 groomer. For those of you looking for a top quality body groomer with a little bit more of a reasonable price tag, this trimmer might be just what the doctor ordered. This groomer is every bit as comfortable, effective and easy to use as the BG2040 but it carries a much smaller price tag. With the BG2028 you get a choice of three different grooming lengths to choose from, which is more than enough for most body grooming scenarios. This trimmer is also capable of helping you control your body hair in wet or dry situations so you can pick the time that you are most comfortable grooming. The BG2028 also has a long life battery when fully charged (50-60 minutes) so you can get done all of your grooming in one shot.

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