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Bodyboarding is a challenging and enjoyable sport that gives you the excitement of surfing without having to stand up, though standing is still an option on the right board. Bodyboards are made from a number of different materials and come in a wide range of designs. Whether you are enjoying the day at the beach while on vacation or looking to advance your skills to the next level, the type of bodyboard you will want will depend on your skill and budget. You will want find a body board that is lightweight, is impermeable and is the right size. A helpful rule of thumb on finding the right length of bodyboard, when you are standing up, your board should be within an inch of your belly button. Prices will vary greatly based on what the core, deck and undercoating are made from. The bodyboard on this list were chosen because they are fast, easy to maneuver and made from durable and buoyant materials.

Airwalk System 25 42.5" Yellow Bodyboard

The Airwalk System Contour Bodyboard is perfect for the new rider who might want to experiment with DK riding at an affordable price. The bottom coat is high density polyethylene and channeled for speed and lift. The double rails, EPS foam core and Crosslink PE deck add rigidity and comfort in any conditions. A narrow nose, crescent tail and a wider point closer to the tail give the rider the ability to try their hand at Drop Knee boarding. The crescent tail gives the rider ultimate control on steep waves. The maximum weight capacity is 150 pounds. The Airwalk System Contour is safe, fun and affordable choice.

Nomad Matt Lackey Signature PE 42" Bodyboard

The Matt Lackey Gold Signature Series Bodyboard by Nomad is perfect DK (Drop Knee) bodyboarding. This design is wider overall than past models and has a narrower nose for maneuvering quickly through transitions. With no channels and a clipped crescent tail, this bodyboard can throw tail. With carbon stingers that are staggered for maximum rigidity, and Cellu-cushion deck and rails, the deck is made to take a beating. The Matt Lackey Gold Signature Series comes in three lengths: 41, 42 and 43 inches. All have a 53.5mm thickness. The bottom is coated in 0.8mm of Surlyn Skin for speed.

Cartel Paul Roach LTD Bodyboard

Cartel Paul Roach LTD Bodyboard

The Paul Roach LTD Bodyboard by Cartel is the perfect board for the intermediate to advanced rider who wants to take their skills to the next level. This design has a bottom channels making it one of the fastest and easy to maneuver bodyboards in its price range. The foam core makes this bodyboard extremely lightweight and exceptionally buoyant. The Paul Roach LTD Body board comes in two lengths, 41.5 and 42.5 inches depending on the ability and size of the rider. The board is customizable and can come with one two or three stringers. The Paul Roach LTD Body Board is the perfect bodyboard for prone or drop knee riding. The crescent tail provides the needed looseness for rail to rail transitions.

Custom X Brian Wise Model Bodyboard

The Brian Wise Model Body Board by CustomX is a built for the advanced rider. A narrower body adds maneuverability. At its widest point, the Wave Rebel is 21.5 inches. The nose width is 11.5 inches and the crescent tail is 17.5 inches wide. This CustomX board has a sturdy TCD deck and a high density polypropylene core, making this affordable board durable and buoyant. The surlyn slick bottom coupled with the crescent tail lend to exceptional speed and control, even on the steepest waves. The Custom X Brian Wise Model Bodyboard is designed to be incredibly agile and responsive.

No. 6 Covenant V2 Elite 43.5" Bodyboard

The latest Covenant V2 Elite Bodyboard by No. 6 is a pro quality board and is perfect if you want to quickly advance to aerial tricks. Complete with redesigned elbow bracers to absorb impact and for better grip. This wingtail design includes three slanted concave channels on the bottom for more lift. The redesigned bottom is coated in 0.8 millimeters of Surlyn Slick for added speed. The stringer is made of carbon and the rails are made from 4mm of Centripetal lamination. The overall thickness of the Covenant V2 is 54mm and comes in three different lengths: 41.5, 42.5 and 43.5 inches. Built for speed and airborne antics, the Covenant V2 Elite Bodyboard can handle it all.

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