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Best Bow Release

The bow release refers to the way the string handles when shooting an arrow. A number of different release aids are available that transfer the load from your fingers to your wrist and arm. These mechanical releases help you achieve a smoother release for improved accuracy. Releases offer a range of features so you will probably have to experiment with different models before you can decide which one is best for you.

Cobra Pro Caliper Release

Cobra's Pro Caliper Release is a gun design that features a curved trigger and center release caliper jaws. These give you a more reliable release and protect the bow string even when subjected to heavy use. The solid aluminum construction and stainless steel pins combine to give you a lightweight and durable release. Cobra's Pro has a smooth operation that can help you improve your accuracy.

T.R.U. Ball Outlaw Bow Release

The Outlaw release from T.R.U. has free-floating jaws and an effective ball release system. A rope connection between the head and strap creates less torque for improved accuracy. The free-floating jaws are simple to load so you will have an arrow ready to shoot when you need it. The Outlaw's quiet operation makes it a good choice for hunters.

Scott Archery Caliper Grip Release

The solid steel and aluminum construction make the caliper grip release from Scott Archery a durable release you can count on. Its user-friendly design allows you easily adjust the trigger pull to match your preference. The helpful 360 degree swivel head suppresses string torque for reliable and smooth operation. It features a molded rubber grip that works well for both target shooting and hunting.

Tru-Fire Patriot Release

To get the most from your bow you have to be able to load it fast. Tru-Fire's Patriot has strong, wide jaws that allow you position the arrow quickly. The Teflon coated jaws and trigger are durable and will stand up to heavy use in the field. A padded nylon power strap with a Velcro closure is comfortable and easy fasten.

RedHead XPS Caliper Bow Release

RedHead XPS Caliper Bow Release

ReadHead's XPS has a dual caliper release and a contoured release head gives you a smooth, consistent release. The consistent release allows you to concentrate on improving your accuracy. You can change the length with a 2-piece adjustment module for a personalized fit. A curved trigger and padded wrist strap combine comfort and performance.

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