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Best Bow Sight

As a tool to help you aim your bow more accurately, bow sights offer a number of features to help you do this. There are sights better suited for hunting and target shooting as well as for low-light conditions. You can choose a 1 pin sight or a multiple pin sight depending on your preference. Many of the sights are made from lightweight aluminum that is durable enough to stand up to heavy use.

TruGlo Tru-Site Xtreme Three Pin Compound Bow Sight

TruGlo's Tru-Site Xtreme is a 3 pin sight designed specifically for compound bows. The aluminum composite construction and compact size make it easy to integrate with your bow. With 3 sets of markings on the sight to make elevation, windage and pin adjustments. A reversible bracket allows you to make more vertical adjustments.

G5 Optix XR2 Pin Sight

The Optix XR2 sight from G5 has a 2 pin set up is easy read and allows you to pick up targets quickly. With high-visibility yardage tape and 3x micro-adjustments for windage and elevation on the spot. The Smart Pin technology helps you further increase your accuracy. A tough magnesium alloy construction means the XR2 will stand up to heavy use in the field.

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5-Pin Sight

The Punisher sight from Trophy gives you several features that will help you improve your accuracy. it has a contrast Glo Ring that lets you pick up targets faster. The sight light improves your aim in low-light conditions. Because it has 5 durable pins you have several aiming choices you use to take the best possible shot. The etched reference marks let you make easy and accurate adjustments .

Cobra Archery Boomslang Bow Sight

For a durable and compact bow sight take a look at the Boomslang from Cobra Archery. The 4 fiber-optic pins help you improve your accuracy especially when used with the orange glo-ring that helps you acquire targets faster. An offset bracket design allows for a greater range of adjustments. The Boomslang'scombination of features make it a sight that is easy to use effectively.

Apex Acc-Strike 4 Pin Sight

Apex Acc-Strike 4 Pin Sight

The Acc-Strike from Apex is a sight designed for archers who like to use a shorter bow. A glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring can improve your low-light performance. The micro-push button gives you improved pin illumination. Hunters will appreciate that the Tru-Touch coating helps keep the noise to a minimum.

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