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Best Boxing Gloves

 Boxing is one sport where you don’t need an overabundance of equipment when involved in the actual competition.  The primary piece of equipment that you do need, gloves, is of critical to performance and safety in the ring though.  Your boxing gloves must fit well and must meet the proper requirements to keep you and your opponent safe in the ring.  Check our lists below to find the perfect pair of boxing gloves to fit your needs in the ring regardless what weight class or skill level you are performing at.

Winning 16oz Training Boxing Gloves

These are very expensive gloves and their best feature is they are the most comfortable sparring gloves to wear. The padding may be a little too much for the boxer who wants to deliver some punching power even in a sparring session. They are not the biggest gloves available and might not offer as much blocking area as some other choices. That said, Winning gloves are the choice of many professionals and they will give any boxer, professional or amateur, real protection in the sparring ring.

Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves

These gloves are made with injected foam padding molded into a curved shape for your added protection. They may need some breaking in although the company advertises they won’t but you may not find that to be the case. The wrists are protected by a tight closure with a lower placed cuff for excellent support when you really let a punch loose. Made of 100 percent leather they will last through many rounds of sparring. At their price they are an extremely good substitute for the first choice on the list.

Ringside Gel Shock Safety Sparring Gloves

These are the next generation of sparring gloves for Ringside. Like the other, traditional gloves the support and hand protection are top notch. The use of foam gives your hands a softer feel than the other gloves so you might think of using less wraps on your knuckles making for a slightly less tight feel. The leather wrist cuff keeps the Velcro straps away from the wrist reducing a chance of Velcro burn. The Shock Safety Sparring Gloves are a great addition to any boxing equipment arsenal and fall at a price point that most aspiring boxers can afford.

Title Platinum Paramount Bag/Sparring Gloves

The Title sparring gloves have over two inches of foam covering your knuckles and continuing down the back of your hand for protection and superior blocking ability. The full wrist wrap uses a loop and hook system to keep your wrist well-supported. They come with an extra wrist cuff for sparring that can be removed when working the bag. The inside of your hand is surrounded by a mesh fabric that wicks away moisture making them faster drying than other choices. Versatile and they come at a terrific price.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

The many sparring gloves available for boxing and other types of combat are loaded with options while these particular gloves are a bit more basic. They still do the trick as far as safety for your hands and the added touch of the ThumbLok protecting that digit for even more safety. They are molded in such a way to properly position your hands for correct boxing technique. This along with their price makes them a perfect choice for those buying sparring gloves for the first time.

Title Elastic Training Gloves

These gloves are one of the most comfortable options for the serious boxer. Well- designed with a strong wrist stabilizing wrap to go along with a large amount of foam padding for impressive overall hand protection. They are made of 100 percent leather, definitely built to last. Inside the glove there is a liner designed to wick away moisture and combat odor as well. They are a fine choice at a reasonable price.

Winning 16oz Training Boxing Gloves

These are very expensive gloves and their best feature is they are the most comfortable sparring gloves to wear. The padding may be a little too much for the boxer who wants to deliver some punching power even in a sparring session. They are not the biggest gloves available and might not offer as much blocking area as some other choices. That said, Winning gloves are the choice of many professionals and they will give any boxer, professional or amateur, real protection in the sparring ring.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Training Gloves

Although the Cleto Reyes gloves are 14 ounces they are not recommended for sparring as unlike the Winnings gloves they are harder on the opponent. They are much better for bag and pad use. The glove has a thumb attachment to give extra hand protection. There is polyester, satin lining that keeps perspiration from the foam padding but won’t keep the hand as cool as some other choices. These are one of the best overall training gloves and are used by many boxers today.

Everlast Protex 2 Training Gloves

These are very comfortable gloves thanks in part to the mesh palm with a lining that is made with a material that fights bacterial growth reducing odor that other gloves may have. There is a good layer of cell foam over the knuckles and hands with a gel that further protects you. The synthetic leather lasts long and it helps keep the price of these gloves below $100. An excellent, economical choice for bag work and other hitting practice.

Adidas Pro Training Glove

Adidas has some fine boxing gloves available and these are the best combination of price and utility. The foam padding does a great job of protecting your knuckles and the back of your wrist for added blocking help if you use them in sparring sessions. There is a firm, well-thought out wrist support for more protection in all boxing activities. They have a hypoallergenic lining for inner hand protection as well. The price can’t be beat especially if you are a beginner who doesn't want to overpay.

Title Gel Elite Bag Gloves

Many boxers are glad when they open up the box and see these fine looking gloves and are even more impressed when they use them. There is old school horsehair lining combined with inches of foam padding for the hands and a gel covering over that improving hand protection. The lace up wrist cuff keeps the gloves in place further protecting you knuckles from the pounding they will take and the moisture wicking lining also keeps them more secure. Offered in 8 to 12 at a great price for the amount of protection you will get.

TITLE Gel Intense Bag/Sparring Gloves

Title Gel Intense Bag/Sparring gloves are more versatile than our top rated bag gloves but they are a great choice for bag use only if you don’t mind the extra cost. The wrist support they offer is excellent and the cuff can be removed making them able to be used in sparring. The heavier weight is appropriate for sparring but can help increase punching power and stamina when used with the bag. There is plenty of hand protection with the foam padding and the liner with its moisture wicking feature helps them dry out quickly between uses.

Tuf-Wear ProTactic Bag Gloves

These gloves are made to both increase speed and strength during your heavy and speed bag work. At 14 to 16 ounces they will give you an aerobic workout while strengthening your arms. Made of fine durable leather the double wrist support is a great feature for the help and support your wrist needs when working the bag. The inside is made to cool your hand by wicking away perspiration and prevent slippage. They have been said to be a little tight but that is a matter of preference. They come in at a great price.

Ringside IMF Tech Bag Gloves

Ringside has designed these gloves to go full throttle on the heavy bag for as many hours as you want. They stand up to the grind with an extremely durable leather covering over the maximum a great deal of padding held tightly in place thanks to their injection technology. The gloves are secured with a hook and loop wrist closure system further enhanced by a d-ring that offers even more support. Heavier than some other gloves they will increase punching power and the price for all these features may surprise you.

Rival Fitness Bag Gloves

These gloves are fine for the amateur boxer who will be hitting the bag hard but not as often as the boxer training for his next match. Hard punching takes its toll on gloves so the synthetic leather lasts longer if they are used more for an aerobic workout that mixes in some boxing skills training. The wrist support and padding are quite good and the price makes them a fine first choice for the beginner who wants some punching power improvement to go along with increasing their stamina.

Cleto Reyes Official Pro-fight Gloves

The Cleto Reyes brand is made in Mexico of fine grain leather that lasts a long time. These are lightweight with good hand protection offered by horsehair and foam padding; but not a lot of it. Not to be used in sparring they could do damage to your partner. The padding, although not as much as other gloves, will not get stiff after a lot of use. These are a very professional performing glove for a serious match with a serious opponent.

Winning 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves

Winnings gloves are offered in a variety of weights and sizes. They are the preferred selection of many professional fighters. The 16 ounce gloves are excellent for sparring as they are soft on your hands and not punishing to the opponent. In the ring they will protect your hands and are a must have if you have injured your hands using harder gloves. There is a grip hose and a thumb block for added protection. They last long which helps explain the high price but you will not be disappointed.

Title Gel Official Pro Fight Gloves

Title equipment is well known for its protection of fighters in gloves, headgear, and hand wraps. The Gel Pro Glove is no exception. It has traditional horsehair and foam padding that is infused with their new protective gel. The lace style wrist closure gives the boxer added protection when hitting their opponent. The leather covering and well-made padding will last for many bouts and they are a steal at their price.

Adidas Glory Pro Fight Gloves

Adidas is making strides in the boxing equipment department and the sanctioning of these gloves countrywide proves they know what they are doing. The foam and horsehair padding keeps you hand protected and the ventilation offered by well placed air vents in the palm make for a glove cooler than most. The air vents also help in shock absorption. All in all these are a well-made, durable, and very comfortable set of gloves.

Hayabusa Tokushu 10 0unce Boxing Gloves

The patented core has been shown to offer the most hitting area and best protection for your hand and may be superior to just about any other glove. The lining is made of bamboo, another difference from the rest of the pack and it is very comfortable. The wrist supports are designed to properly align your wrist and hand perfectly every time aiding in hand protection and technique. The wrist closure is well padded to help in blocking punches too. Well- made gloves worth the price for endurance and protection.

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