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Best Cake Pan

Cake pans come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There are round, square, and rectangular pans, as well as pans that can create specialty cakes that are perfect for holiday celebrations and children's birthday parties. No matter what shape pan you choose, you'll want a pan that releases extremely well so that the cake slides out of it without breaking. Good cake pans are also made from high quality steel or aluminum that heats evenly so that the entire cake bakes through without burning. When picking out the best cake pans, we chose pans with these two essential qualities, as well as pans that are a good value for the money.

USA Pans Aluminized Steel Round Layer Cake Pan

Our favorite cake pan is also a favorite among professional bakers. The USA Pans Round Cake Pan is made from aluminized steel that's reinforced with steel wires. The aluminized steel transfers heat incredibly well, and the steel wires make this a durable pan that won't bend or warp. The surface is textured, which allows for increased airflow around the bottom and the sides of the cake, decreasing cooking time and preventing burning. This pan has been coated with a silicone material that is so slick, cakes slide out of the pan perfectly every time. USA Pans also makes cake pans in square and rectangular models.

Wilton Performance Pans Covered Baking Pan

When it comes to baking cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes, Wilton makes some of the best pans around. The Wilton Performance Pans Covered Baking Pan is an aluminum cake pan that makes 11-by-15 inch rectangular cakes. The pan is covered with a non-stick coating that cleans up easily, either by hand or in the dishwasher. It also comes with a lid, and while this isn't safe to put in the oven, it does make it easy to transport or store a finished cake. Wilton also makes cake pans in dozens of other designs, from flowers to bugs to cartoon characters, as well as all sizes of standard round, square, and rectangular pans.

Chicago Metallic 16629 Non-Stick 9 Inch Round Cake Pan

Solid construction and a great reputation help set the Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 9 Inch Round Cake Pan apart from the competition. This pan is made from heavy-duty steel that's reinforced with wire rods. It won't pop, warp, or bend, even if you use it everyday. Once your cake is done, it slides easily out of this pan, thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating. This also makes this pan easy to clean; a little soap and water is all you need, though it's also dishwasher safe.

Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware 4-Piece Cake Lovers Set

Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware 4-Piece Cake Lovers Set

If you want to make cakes of a variety of shapes and sizes, the Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware 4-Piece Cake Lovers Set has all the cake pans you need. This set comes with two 9-inch round pans, an 8-inch square pan, and a 9-by-13 inch rectangular pan. Each of these cake pans is made from heavy gauge steel that's durable enough to last for years. They are coated with a special formula of interlocking non-stick layers that release twice as well as most other cake pans. If you only need one pan, Calphalon also offers these pans individually.

Sur la Table Nonstick Square Cake Pan

Sur la Table is one of the leading names in cookware and this company makes some of the best cake pans around. The Sur la Table Nonstick Square Cake Pan is an ideal pan for making perfectly formed 8 inch cakes. The surface of the pan is completely non-stick and the interior is made from premium-gauge steel that's strong and durable. The handles of the pan have silicone grips that make it easy to grab onto the pan, even if you're wearing bulky oven mitts. This pan is backed by a lifetime warranty and it will last for many years with proper care.

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