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Best Carving Set

Whether you're carving up a turkey for a holiday meal or a roast for a family dinner, a good carving set will help you make thin, even slices like a pro. Carving sets come with a carving knife, which has a long, thin blade that can cut cleanly through a variety of different meats. They also come with a carving fork, which is a long, two-pronged fork that's perfect for holding a cut of meat in place while you carve. All of the best carving sets listed below were chosen because they are made out of quality stamped or forged steel, and feature comfortable handles that will last for the life of the blade.

Victorinox Classic 2-Piece Carving Set

One of the best names in knives is Victorinox, a company that's most well-known as the manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife. The Victorinox 2-Piece Carving Set comes with an 8-inch carving knife and carving fork. Both pieces are made from stamped steel that, thanks to recent improvements to the stamping process, are just as strong and durable as forged steel tools and cost only a fraction of the price. The handles are made of fibrox, a material that offers incredible comfort, even when you're carving up a large roast. The blade of the knife also keeps its edge for a long time before it needs to be sharpened.

Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Carving Set

One of the world's best knife-makers, Wusthof, offers a high-quality carving set that's backed by a lifetime warranty. The 8-inch carving knife that comes with this set is made from high-carbon forged steel and has a tang that extends the full length of the handle. The blade resists stains and keeps its edge with only minimal sharpening. The knife and the 6-inch fork both feature triple-riveted handles made from a synthetic material that is comfortable to hold. Though this carving set can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it'll last longer if washed in warm soapy water right after use.

Zwilling Pro 2-Piece Carving Set

Zwilling has been making knives for nearly 300 years and it's safe to say, after all these centuries, that they know what they're doing. The Zwilling Pro 2-Piece Carving Set has an 8-inch carving knife and long carving fork that are both made from a high-carbon German steel. The handles of both these pieces have been designed for maximum comfort, even if you're working with them all day long in a professional kitchen. The curve in the handles also makes it easy to grip onto them firmly, even if your hands are wet. Though the knife and fork in this set are both dishwasher safe, you'll keep them working like new for longer if you hand wash them.

Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 2-Piece Carving Set

Featuring a carving knife and carving fork made with high carbon forged steel, the Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 2-Piece Carving Set is one of our Best Picks. The blade of the knife has been honed by hand in the factory, giving it a perfect 15 degree angle and a razor-sharp edge. It also has a full tang, making it well-balanced and comfortable to hold. The handles on the knife and the fork are made of a hard plastic that's reinforced with fiberglass. Both these pieces need to be hand-washed after use, which isn't a problem since the stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean. Calphalon also backs this set with a lifetime warranty.

Ginsu Chikara 2 Piece Carving Set in Bamboo Display Box

Ginsu may be known for its quotable infomercials, but over the decades, this company has made a name for itself by backing its claims with high-quality products. Today, the Ginsu Chikara 2 Piece Carving Set in Bamboo Display Box is one of the best carving sets on the market. Both the knife and the 8-inch carving knife feature strong plastic handles and have a full tang for better balance and greater strength. The curved design of the handles also makes them comfortable to hold and helps prevent slipping. The knife is made from a forged Japanese steel that resists staining and rust. It's also able to keep a razor sharp edge for a long time before it needs to be sharpened. When you aren't using the knife and fork, they can be stored safely in the attractive display box that comes with them.

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