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Best Case Fan

Case fans move air in and out of your computer case and are important components to consider when you’re working on building a high performance computer. Having fans which perform well keeps your system essential components cool enough so they have a long operating lifespan and allowing higher overclocks on your CPU's and GPU's. When choosing the best fans for this list, we first looked at how much air they can move which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM); the picks on this list all have a minimum air flow rating of between 62 and 134 CFM. We also took into consideration the decibel (Db) levels these fans operated at. The fans I've chosen here all operate at exceptionally quiet sound levels of between 23 and 38 decibels while still maintaining an excellent level of cooling airflow throughout your computer case.

Enermax UCTS12A

This class leading fan features three adjustable rotation speeds that can be set for silent operation or maximum airflow depending on your needs. At the quietest setting it rotates at 1500 rpm and produces an excellent 72.45 CFM at a virtually silent sound lover of 23 decibels. At the intermediate level of 2500 rpm it delivers an outstanding 115.75 CFM at a sound level of 30 decibels, which again, is very quiet. At its highest setting of 3500 rpm, this fan is able to produce an astounding 154.53 CFM while maintaining sound level of just 38 decibels. With a setting for every need and a reasonable price, you simply cannot go wrong with choosing this fan.

Noctuna NF-F12 iPPC-2000 Cooling Fan

Noctuna fans come very highly recommended among system over-clockers and high performance system builders. This fan shapes up very well to the standard of outstanding performance, long service life, and quiet operation that this brand has established a glowing reputation on. It produces an outstanding 71.7 CFM at a rotation speed of 2000 rpm while keeping to a noise level of just 29.7 decibels. To top everything off, this high quality fan features a six year manufacturer’s warranty in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition Single Fan

Corsair is another manufacturer with a great reputation among fans of over-clocking thanks to their fans which deliver high quality construction and outstanding performance. This 140 millimeter fan takes a well-deserved place on our list because it delivers an outstanding 66.4 CFM at a rotation speed of just 1200 rpm and a very (and we mean VERY) low sound level of 25.4 decibels. It features a two year warranty and a price that’s very competitive.

Antec Antec Big Boy 200 Tricool Fan 200Mm

This is a large, 200 millimeter fan from Antec features a high-quality, ball bearing construction which offers longer life than the more common sleeve bearings utilized by many fans. It features three adjustable speeds to allow users to tailor the fan for maximum cooling or silent operation. At 400 rpm it produces 85 CFM at just 24 decibels. At the intermediate speed of 600 rpm it puts out 108 CFM at only 27 decibels, while at 800 rpm it produces 134 CFM at just 30 decibels sound level. If your needs call for a fan of this size, this product fills the bill in a respectable fashion.

Corsair Air Series SP120 PWM High Performance Edition (CO-9050013-WW)

A fan I use for my own current PC build, this pick finds a place on this list because it's constructed for optimum operation in air-restrictive areas of your case such as placed against water cooling radiators, in the front of your case, or placed near drive cages. It accomplishes this by being designed with high static pressure in mind in addition to high airflow. Static pressure expressed in millimeters/H2O and is a measure of how well a fan moves can move air through air restrictions.

This fan can deliver 3.1mm millimeters/H2O with is considered outstanding. It produces 62.74 CFM at 2350 rpm with a sound output of just 35 decibels without being overly loud. If your case fans are going to be used in conjunction with water cooling radiators or you need fans for the front of your case in air-restricted areas, this fan is the ideal solution.

Dewey Dirks
I've been involved with computers for over thirty years. I've always been fascinated most by the hardware, so I became involved in building computers pretty early on. The first machine I built was a 80386 in around 1988 and I've been building them ever pretty much ever since. From 1992 up until 2010 I ran a small company called Redline Systems that built gaming systems. I’ve also been heavily into overclocking since around 1999. I've had a great deal of overclocking experience with both Intel and AMD machines using high end air cooling, DIY water cooling and phase change cooling using a Vapochill LS. I've also been also quite active in the competitive overclocking scene for many years. Although Intel CPU's are generally more powerful, for the last few years I've been clocking primarily AMD hardware as there is a lot of challenge there. I've also been gaming on computersfor many, many years and keep up on that scene too as all that hardware begs for something to do with it.
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